Teaching Assistant Information

Teaching Assistantship Requirements:
  • You must be a registered graduate student in the quarter for which you are applying (at least 8 units, however, Bren requires Grad Students to be registered for 12 units while TAing).
  • Your combined UCSB employment must not exceed 50%.  
  • If you are offered a TA position with Environmental Studies and accept, you are committing yourself to fulfill the duties of the position until final grades are assigned. 
As of June 31th, 2016 -- ALL TAships for the UPCOMING 2016-17 ACADEMIC YEAR HAVE BEEN FILLED.  With over 50+ TA applications on our TA Wait-List, no more applications are being accepted. Thank you! 





Fall 2016

ES 1

Intro to Environ Studies (All TAships Filled)

Jennifer Martin   jamartin@history.ucsb.edu


ES 100

Environmental Ecology (All TAships Filled)

Claudia Tyler


ES 106

Critical Thinking (All TAships Filled)

Quentin Gee

  ES 149

 Agric, Food and Population  (All TAships Filled)

Kyle Meisterling kmeister@es.ucsb.edu      

Winter 2017

ES 2

Intro to Environ Science  (All TAships Filled)

Stephanie Moret stephaniemoret2@gmail.com


ES 15

Chemistry of the Environment  (All TAships Filled)

Helene Gardner


ES 115

Energy and the Envmt. (All TAships Filled)

Mel Manalis

  ES 166DC Diet & Global Climate Change  (All TAships Filled) Kyle Meisterling kyle.meisterling@gmail.com


ES 188

Environmental Ethics (All TAships Filled)

Gregory Graves


Spring 2017  

ES 3

Intro to Soc and Cultur Env. (All TAships Filled)

Gregory Graves


ES 25

Quantitative Thinking in Environmental Studies      (All TAships Filled)

Quentin Gee

ES 169
Tracer Hydrology  (All TAships Filled)
Jordan Clark 

Summer 2017

ES 1,
ES 2, 
& ES 3

All three ES Courses will require one TA each (Check back in Spring 2017)