Teaching Assistant Information

Please submit your application to Erinn O'Shea emosh@ucsb.edu to be added to our waitlist--and also indicate if you are interested in Readerships.

Note: By submitting an application, this in no way guarantees you employment in our Program. To better your odds we encourage you to cast a wide net across campus (Anthropology, Earth Science, Geography, EEMB, Sociology, Political Science, etc).

Good Luck!

Teaching Assistantship Requirements:

  • You must be a registered graduate student in the quarter for which you are applying (at least 8 units, however, Bren requires Grad Students to be registered for 12 units while TAing).
  • Your combined UCSB employment must not exceed 50% time per quarter.
  • If you are offered a TA position with Environmental Studies and accept, you are committing yourself to fulfill the duties of the position until final grades are assigned. 

QUARTER / Session




Spring 2019

ES 166DC  Diet and Global Climate Change Dr. Kyle Meisterling

Summer 2019 - A ES 1 Intro to Environmental Studies Dr. J. Martin
Summer 2019 - B ES 2 Intro to Environmental Sciences Dr. S. Moret 
Summer 2019 - B ES 3 Intro to Soc & Cultural Environments

Dr. G. Graves

Fall 2019
ES 1 Intro to Environmental Studies TBD
  ES 100 Environmental Ecology Dr. C Tyler
  ES 106 Critical Thinking and the Environment Dr. Q Gee
  ES 117 Low Carbon Society Dr. S. Pulver
  ES 193SD Water Supply and Demand Dr. D. Perrone
Winter 2020 ES 2 Intro to Environmental Sciences Dr. Stephanie Moret 
  ES 30 Intro to Environmental Economics Dr. R. Heilmayr
Spring 2020
ES 3 Intro to Soc & Cultural Environments Dr. J. Martin