Teaching Assistant Information

Please submit your application to Erinn O'Shea emosh@ucsb.edu to be added to our waitlist--and also indicate if you are interested in Readerships.

Note: By submitting an application, this in no way guarantees you employment in our Program. To better your odds we encourage you to cast a wide net across campus (Anthropology, Earth Science, Geography, EEMB, Sociology, Political Science, etc).

Good Luck!

Teaching Assistantship Requirements:

  • You must be a registered graduate student in the quarter for which you are applying (at least 8 units, however, Bren requires Grad Students to be registered for 12 units while TAing).
  • Your combined UCSB employment must not exceed 50% time per quarter.
  • If you are offered a TA position with Environmental Studies and accept, you are committing yourself to fulfill the duties of the position until final grades are assigned. 





Fall 2018


ALL TAships have been filled 

Winter 2019 --------

ALL TAships have been filled 


Spring 2019

ES 3

Intro to Social and Cultural Environments

Dr. Jennifer A. Martin