ES Commencement Reception

Commencement ReceptionAt the conclusion of each academic year the Environmental Studies Program enjoys hosting an award's ceremony and reception in celebration of that year's graduating ES class. If you are graduating this year we invite you, your family and friends to join us in the Michael J. Connell Courtyard in Bren Hall. During the reception ES faculty will present the ES Program's senior awards to students who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance and service. The Environmental Studies Program especially encourages students receiving awards to attend the awards ceremony and reception. Recipients of these awards will be announced by mid-May. More information about the award's ceremony is provided below. Questions, contact the ES Program at 805-893-3185 or


2018 ES Program Award's Ceremony and Reception: 

The Environmental Studies Program cordially invites all Environmental Studies & Hydrologic Sciences graduates, family and guests to a celebration reception and awards ceremony on Friday, June 15th, 2018! Festivities will begin at 3:00pm. If you plan to attend we recommend making post-receptions plans (e.g. dinner reservations) no earlier than 5:00pm to avoid being rushed. Refreshments will be served at the reception to hold you and your guests over till dinner! Please call 805-893-2968 or email for more information.

Commencement MapLocation: Michael J. Connell Courtyard, Bren Hall (click on map for larger view)

Date: Friday, June 15th, 2018

Time: 3:00 - 4:30pm (awards ceremony will begin at ~3:30)

RSVP: Not required, but if you can let Eric know how many of your family and friends will be attending it will help us gauge the amount of refreshments we need to order. Send an email to: and just provide the total number of guests in your party.

Parking: Guests may park in Lot 10 free of charge during the reception and awards ceremony (please see map). Vehicles will be given a parking pass which they must display on their dashboard to avoid any parking citations. Guests with a valid disabled person parking placard may park in Lot 1 (see map).

2018 UCSB Commencement Ceremony

Graduating Environmental Studies and Hydrologic Sciences majors are scheduled for UCSB's "Life Sciences" Commencement Ceremony on Saturday, June 16th, at 1:00pm. For specific info about the UCSB commencement ceremony visit the official UCSB Commencement website at:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1) The difference between "Declaring Candidacy to Graduate" and signing up to participate in UCSB's "Commencement Ceremony" - Two Separate Processes!

2) Commencement Ceremony: ES and Hydrology Majors are scheduled to participate in the 9:00am "Science & Mathematics" Ceremony on Saturday, June 13th, 2015.

3) REMINDER: Commencement Ceremony Participants - MAKE YOUR HOTEL AND RESTAURANT RESERVATIONS for out of town guests NOW!!!

4) UCSB Graduation References and Weblinks



1) The difference between "Declaring Candidacy to Graduate" and signing up to participate in UCSB's "Commencement Ceremony"


WHAT: The official process of notifying UCSB and the Registrar's Office one intends to complete all major and university requirements necessary to obtain a undergraduate degree. This is generally done during the last quarter for which a student is completing their last courses needed to satisfy all major and university requirements for graduation. Declaration of Candidacy may be done during any quarter, including summer.

After quarterly grades have been processed, degree candidates will be notified of successful completion of degree requirements or remaining deficiencies. A deadline will be assigned for the closing of all matters at which time the student's name will be removed, without exception, from the current quarter's candidacy list unless all deficiencies have been cleared and requirements are met. It is the student's responsibility to re-declare candidacy for graduation within the first two weeks of the term during which she or he plans to complete degree requirements. Diplomas are mailed approximately 3-4 months after the date of degree to the diploma address noted when declaring candidacy. A $2.00 fee paid by the student covers first class mailing charges.

WHEN: Students must declare candidacy for graduation using GOLD no later than the first two weeks of the term during which they plan to graduate. The deadline is published in the Schedule of Classes under "Quarter Deadlines." Late declarations will not be accepted. If you miss the deadline you will need to declare for the following quarter and your diploma will reflect the quarter as your official graduation date.

HOW: Students declare candidacy via GOLD.

WHY: Students are considered official degree candidates (and able to receive their diploma) only after they have declared their candidacy in the manner described above. Once the declaration is recorded, a final degree evaluation is performed using major and UCSB requirements.


WHAT: Although there are four possible dates of official graduation each year (December, March, June, and summer), UCSB's Commencement Ceremony is held only once per year, in June. The Commencement Ceremony is the "pomp and circumstance" where graduating seniors participate in the official graduation ceremony with the Chancellor, Faculty, Family and friends. As the name implies, it is UCSB's official ceremony to acknowledge graduates achievements. However, just participating in Commencement does not mean you have officially graduated. Graduating Students must declare and clear the Candidacy for Graduation process as outlined above.

WHO: For seniors who are graduating during that academic year. Since the ceremony is only offered once per year, it is not unusual for students who have cleared for graduation during previous fall or winter quarters, or plan to graduate during spring, summer, or even the following fall quarter, to participate. The only criteria is that participants must have at least 164 units completed by the end of that spring quarter.

HOW: Students who are eligible to participate in a commencement ceremony must make a reservation using GOLD, adhering to the PASS deadlines published in the Schedule of Classes under "Quarter Deadlines." Please note: making a commencement reservation and declaring candidacy for graduation are two separate processes.

A CommencementTimeline is available at: and includes info about PASS times for Commencement Reservations.

If you have questions regarding Commencement, contact the Public Events Office at 805-893-2117 or email

2) ES and Hydrology Majors are scheduled to participate in the 1:00 p.m. "Science" ceremony on Saturday.

There are a number of Commencement Ceremonies hosted by UCSB during Commencement Week. ES and Hydro majors are scheduled for the 1:00 p.m. "Science & Mathematics" ceremony on Saturday afternoon. View the official UCSB Commencement Ceremony Schedule at: <>

Remember, making a commencement reservation and receiving an official candidacy to clear for graduation require two separate actions on GOLD. Students must declare candidacy to officially graduate. Declarations are made using GOLD.


3) Commencement Ceremony Participants - MAKE YOUR HOTEL AND RESTAURANT RESERVATIONS for out of town guests NOW!!!

If you plan to have out of town guests who are going to spend the night at a hotel during UCSB's Graduation Weekend you should MAKE HOTEL RESERVATIONS NOW! Hotels and restaurants book up very, very, very, early, so don't wait to the last minute. It is not too early and you may find that some hotels and restaurants are already booked.