Nate Emery

Nate Emery, Lecturer in Environmental Studies
Lecturer in Environmental Studies

Office Location

Noble Hall


Community Ecology, Vegetation Flammability, and Wildlands Management

Ph.D Candidate in EEMB


  • Ph.D candidate, Ecology, Evolutionary and Marine Biology, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • B.S., Biology, Duke University


A Cleveland, Ohio native, Nate Emery attended college at Duke University in North Carolina. He became interested in ecological research through internships and lab assistant positions during college and later on after graduation. After spending several years working with ecosystems of the western US, he decided that graduate school out west was the place for me.


Emery is broadly interested in community ecology and the interaction between plants and their environment, specifically disturbance patterns. His current research explores how fog events in central California affect the fire regime. He seeks to understand how fog affects the moisture content of vegetation and how the moisture content of different plant species determines their flammability. Lastly he hopes to connect flammability of vegetation on the landscape scale to changes in the fire regime.

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ES 119: Ecology and Management of CA Wildlands