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ES Program Awards & Scholarship Winners

Each year the Environmental Studies Program acknowledges a number of students, alumni, and community members for their achievements. A list of the most current years winners is available below. Click on an individual award title below to view a description and list of recipients. You can also download your own copy of the ES Program's 2018 Commencement Reception and Awards Program here (.pdf).

25th Anniversary Award Recipients - 1995

ES Program Awards:

  • Outstanding Senior of the Year (view)
  • Outstanding Service by a Senior(s) (view)
  • Outstanding Academic Achievement (view)
  • Distinction in the Major (view)
  • Outstanding ES Alumnus of the Year (view)
  • Outstanding ES Senior Thesis Award (view)
  • Community Service Award (view)
  • Research Enhancement Award (view)
  • Steven Manley Memorial Lecture (view)

ES Scholarship Winners:

  • Charles Decker Memorial Scholarship (view)
  • Barker Scholarship (view)
  • Tom Rogers Scholarship (view)
  • McGinnes Environmental Law & Advocacy Scholarship (view)

2018 ES Program Awards

• Download the ES Program's 2018 Commencement Reception and Award Ceremony Program here (.pdf)

2018 Outstanding Senior(s) of the Year (view past recipients)

This Program award is given to one (possibly two or three) students who have accomplished excellence within the Environmental Studies Major and the University. In addition to obtaining an outstanding overall Grade Point Average (GPA), a student worthy of this distinction must have also demonstrated a high level of extra curricular service, both within the University and the community.

Lisa N. Maillard

2018 Outstanding Service by ES Seniors (view past recipients)
This award is given to ES students who have demonstrated exemplary environmental service within the Environmental Studies Program, the University community, and/or the community at large. Winners must have demonstrated a continued service to project(s), issues, or organizations related to environmental causes.

Sydney A. Bartone
Ian A. Castillo
Alex L. De Biasio
Benny J. Drescher
Andrew J. Firth
Rena D. Lahn
Ryann Jeff Malicdem
Colleen R. McCamy
Haley H. Nieh
Alison E. Thompson
Tristen Thron
Sophie E. Von Hunnius

2018 Outstanding Academic Achievement
Award is given in recognition of those 2017 graduating seniors who have an outstanding overall minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5. To view the list of recipients recognized for this year's Outstanding Academic Achievement download the ES Program's 2018 Commencement Reception and Awards Program here (.pdf).

2018 Distinction in the Major  
Awarded to graduating seniors who have an outstanding minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 and have completed a Senior Honors Thesis of exceptional quality. This distinction is recognized on their official UCSB diploma and transcript.

Joelle H. Alley
Linn B. Bumpers
Rosie C. Fatta
Olivia Johnson
Sarika Kathuria
Victoria M. Mansfield
Madison D. Montague
Charlotte N. Sedlock
Nolan T. Stephens
Heather E. Weiss


2018 ES Program's Community Service Award (view past recipients)

Cameron Benson and Margaret Connell

2018 ES Program's Outstanding Alumnus of the Year (view past recipients)

Charlotte Strem, Class of 1974, has an infectious passion for her work. And that passion was just rewarded with the 2013 UC Sustainability Champion Award, recognizing her efforts to bring the entire UC system closer to zero waste and zero-emission transport. As assistant director for Physical and Environmental Planning, Strem couldn’t be prouder of the recognition she received. It is the only individual award given by the California Higher Education Sustainability Conference, a consortium of state educational institutions sharing best practices and supporting one another’s efforts in sustainability. “I was nominated by my peers and acknowledged for the hard work I’ve been doing at UC for 22 years,” Strem said with unabashed emotion. “I don’t know of any other award I could get that would make me this happy.” Her work, which falls under Budget and Capital Resources in the Division of Business Operations, includes helping campuses plan for growth through long-range development plans and administering UC’s compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act. She also chairs UC’s systemwide working groups on Sustainable Transportation and on Solid Waste Reduction and Recycling.

2019 Steven Manley Memorial Lectures (view past recipients)

Established in Memory of Steven Manley (1958 - 1979).  While working for his second summer as a firefighter with the California Division of Forestry, Steve Manley and three other firefighters lost their lives on August 15, 1979, battling a brush wildfire near Santa Maria. He was a 21-year old Environmental Studies Major in his third year at UCSB at the time. Steve Manley was an active proponent of the protection, conservation and planned use of the environmental landscape. It was his field of study and way of life. His summer firefighting job was directly related to his desire to learn by doing in the protection of the land. He had a lifelong interest in the outdoors, the sea and physical activity. This lecture series is a celebration of his life. 

2018 Featured Speaker: Dr. Charles Lester, Speaker, Lecturer, and former Director of the California Coastal Commission.

2018 ES Scholarship Winners

2018 Charles Decker Memorial Scholarship (view past recipients)

The Matthew Charles Decker Scholarship was established in the loving memory of Matthew Charles Decker, an Environmental Studies undergraduate major at UCSB, who suffered a fatal skiing accident in March of 1995 during his junior year at UCSB. Matthew was an honors scholar whose love and commitment to the environment was an inspiration to all who knew him. He completed a wildlife study program in the Fall of 1994 during which he interacted with wolves, bears and the astonishing beauty of nature. This educational experience left him in awe of our Mother Earth and instilled in him a resounding commitment to work on behalf of the environment.

Carly Marto

2019 Tom Rogers Scholarship (view past recipients)

The Tom Rogers Scholarship (Fund) at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), was established in late 1999 to honor Tom Rogers, a role model for civic and environmental leadership. Among the many achievements of Tom Rogers are his service on the Santa Barbara City Council and County Board of Supervisors up through 1994. As a civil servant, he voiced and voted for sound environmental planning and progressive policies for long-term community benefits. The Fund provides for annual scholarship(s) to be awarded to one or several students who are majors in the Environmental Studies Program at UCSB. Selection of scholarship recipients is based on their personal efforts that embody the ideals of civic responsibility and environmental stewardship exemplified by Tom Rogers in his career.

Hallie Brown

2018 Coeta Barker Scholarship (view past recipients)
Made possible by the generosity of the Coeta and Donald Barker Foundation.  The Environmental Studies Program awards Barker Scholarships annually to assist students who enroll in unpaid Environmental Studies Program Internships. The purpose of this scholarship is to lessen the financial burden on students so that they may pursue an unpaid internship and gain valuable hands-on learning experience in the environmental field of their choice.

Victoria M. Dubeau

2018 McGinnes Environmental Law & Advocacy Scholarship (view past recipients)
Established in the name of retired ES faculty member, Marc McGinnes, in recognition of his decades of service to the Environmental Studies Program, UCSB, and the community in the fields of environmental advocacy, protection, law and leadership.  The award recognizes a graduating senior with outstanding academic achievement and has a demonstrated passion and aptitude for environmental law and advocacy.

Alison E. Thompson

Past ES Program Award Winners

    Outstanding Senior
2018   Lisa N. Maillard
2017   Linn Bumpers, Joey Conway, Alejandra Posada
2016   Emily A. McCord & Marina L. Varano
2015   Amelia J. Duvall & Emilie W. Wood
2014   Nicole Hauser & Dana Hoffenberg
2013   Sean O. Calvin
2012   Abigail M. Wolff
2011   Jennifer Verhines
2010   Nicholas Allen & Violetta Muselli
2009   Heather Berry & Joel Armin-Holland
2008   Melinda Anne Clark
2007   Constanza Rampini
2006   Alisha A. Dahlstrom & Kelley M. Neumann
2005   Noelle C. Boucquey & Tyler Durchslag-Richardson
2004   Joel S. Degner
2003   Adam R. Brandt & Maggie E. Gosselin
2002   Rachel M. Grossman & M. Craig Revell
2001   Courtney A. Estes
2000   Devon A. Straitiff
1999   Matthew R. Burris & Jessica A. Scheeter
1998   Nichole K. Camozzi
1997   Jennie A. Buchanan & Shawna M. Simpson
1996   Shawn S. Herwick
1995   Giancarlo L. Cetrulo
1994   Larry S. Spears
1993   Allison T. Pontius
1992   Karen M. Kraus & Kaitlin R. Gaffney
1991   Robyn M. Spencer
1990   Lynette Collins & Sarah Bretz
1989   Teresa A. Fritzsche
1988   Mary Bean
1987   Robert B. Carnachan & Lorene C. Flaming
1986   Sabine Graf & Megan L. O'Donnell
1985   Robin E. Alper & Nancy J. Gribble
1984   Robin Rene Roe
1983   Thomas A. Starrs
1982   Jean C. Schumann
1977   Susan L. Van Atta


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    Outstanding Alumnus   Community Service
2018     Charlotte Strem   Cameron Benson and Margaret Connell
2017     Richard ("Rick") Halsey   Melyvn ("Mel") Manalis
2016     Darcy L. Aston   Congresswoman Lois Capps
2015     Tamara "TJ" DiCaprio   WYP- Wilderness Youth Project
2014     Stephen J. Stanley   Paul Relis
2013     Greg Mohr   Paul Wack
2012     Tim Olson   Community Env. Council, SB, CA
2011     Merrilee Fellows   Darlene Chirman
2010     Meghan Conklin   Environmental Affairs Board, UCSB Assoc. Students 
2009     Susan Black Anderson   Hillary Hauser
2008     Stephen Oliva   Michael Lunsford
2007     Susan Becker   Linda Krop
2006     Karen L. Feeney & Michael P. Feeney   Vie Obern & George Obern
2005     Thomas J. Starrs   Louise Boucher
2004     Karen Kraus & Kaitlin Gaffney   Naomi Schwartz
2003     Howard J. Wenger   Wayne R. Ferrin, Jr.
2002     None selected   Ada Babine
2001     Brian Baird   Robert H. Sollen
2000     Susan Van Atta   Selma Rubin
1999     Carla Frisk   Sue Higman
1998     Eric Zimmerman   Lee Moldaver
1997     Debra Callahan   Jean K. Schuyler
1996     Robert Wilkinson   Bill Wallace
1995     Brian Trautwein   Tom Rogers & Patagonia, Inc.

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  Outstanding Service by ES Seniors
2018   Sydney A. Bartone, Ian A. Castillo, Alex L. De Biasio, Benny J. Drescher, Andrew J. Firth, Rena D. Lahn, Ryann Jeff Malicdem, Colleen R. McCamy, Haley H. Nieh, 
Alison E. Thompson, Tristen Thron, Sophie E. Von Hunnius
2017   Chris M. Berry, Carina T. Bilodeau, Samantha D. Collette, Bryn S. Daniel, Shane L. Dewees, Evan W. Glessner, Conor T. Grimes, Rosemarie M. Heininger, Charlotte N. Sedlock,
Michelle I. Sevilla, Claire G. Wilson
Mackenzie F. Forgey, Jessica J. Foster, Nicole S. Jenkins, Kristyn A. Payne, Amanda J. Shoemaker
2015   Samuel G. Breyfogle, Katelyn M. Freeze, Allyson J. Gaarder, Kristen Herrera, Lauren P. Menzer, Paulina P. Pevzner, Melissa S. Steritz, Kristin D. Van Der Kar
2014   Lauren M. Barnum, Marissa Bills, Carl R. Greenfield, Karen E. Housel, Ashley M. Koide, Kori T. Lay, Chellsee D. Lee, Noelle A. Steele, Brittany Tse
2013   Erica K. Aguilera, Ashley A. Audycki, Jason R. Dale, Kyle B. Fischler, Molly K. Gordon, Alyssa B. Hall, Andrea Nunez, Olivier J. Sinoncelli, Katherine M. Wilkins, Emily L. Williams
Jeffrey A. Brydon, Cristina J. Cook, Allyson E. Gialketsis, Matthew C. Gilliland, Philip M. Jankoski, Ryland C. King, Kiyome A. Okikawa, Rachel L. Saputo, Colin A.Twohig
Andrew K. Chang, Stephanie M. Gaffney, James O. Hawkins, Michael-Donovan Maccarone, Tiffany R. Mayville, Catherine M. Murillo-Barrick, Islay S. Nicklin, Kevin G. Vielbaum
2010   Ingrid R.M. Avison, Bushra M. Bataineh, Clayton H. Carlson, Michael H. Hewitt, Kaela M. Jorgenson, Corie N. Radka, Simone N. Steger
Grace A. Bueti, Christina A. Elles, Eli M. Krispi, Maile P. Smith, Jill A. Tiegs 
2008   Sarah Bresko, Kristen Gravelle,  Maia Kazaks, Ryan Kintz, Nina Salvador, Juliette Wigley
Kristina F. Boyer, Frankie Lorraine Burton, Amy Jae Sun Lee, Thomas George Minter
2005   Shelly R. Barnes, Edward G. France, Aaron W. Gilliam, Svetlana A. Soloncheva, Shanon L. Switzer, Catherine H. Wallace, Kirstyn L. Werner
2003   Sara C. Aminzadeh, Adam M Garcia, Holly D. Smith, Margaret L. Stack
1997   Brent M. Zacharia, David A. Fortson
1996   Gary A. Meuser-Schaede, David L. Revell, Carrie C. Sandstedt
1995   Christopher M. Bacon, Brent C. Foster, Heather M. Lipson, Julie E. Peisner
1994   Corrie J. Bosman, Brook S. Condict, Brandon Forde, Jared D. Ficker, Jennifer R. Garmon, Nicole L. Gaumont, Michelle L. Wilson, Eric D. Zimmerman

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Past ES Scholarship Winners

    Charles Decker   Tom Rogers 
2019   Carly Marto   Hallie Brown
2018   Sheiana L. Crystal   Amanda M. Pantoja
2017   Amy Tam   Elizabeth Szulc
2016   Maya V. Normandi   Charlotte Sedlock
2015   Emma L. Glass   Marie E. Laule & Garrison Yang
2014   John M. Calforda   Morgan R. Tusa
2013   Tanner B. Yould   Riley H. Leonard
2012   Alexandra E. Kovalick   Kelsey M. Eaton
2011   Alexandra Yang   Katie Kasatkina
2010   Terra Weeks   Ryland King
2009   Alison Morrow   Nicholas C. Allen
2008   None selected   James Mrohs & Christina Elles
2007   Amber Conway   Sarah K. Lang
2006   Nina Salvador   Casey Duncan
2005   Trevor Blythe   Alisha Dahlstrom 
2004   Tyler Richardson   Alisha Dahlstrom 
2003   Adam Garcia   Noelle Boucquey
2002   Jennifer Gremer   Sara Aminzadeh
2001   Andrew Brown   Michael Craig Revell & Tarek Maassarani
2000   None selected    
1999   Zachary B. Baker    
1998   Robin Hull    
1997   John K. Gill    
1996   Jenna Endres    

Marc McGinnes

Coeta Barker

2019   Elvia Cruz-Garcia
2018 Alison E. Thompson Victoria M. Dubeau
2017 Rosie C. Fatta Heather Weiss
2016 William C. Shepherd & 
Princepreet S. Singh
Conor T. Grimes & 
Cynthia Ibarra
2015 Kian C. Pakdel Claire M. Jacobs
2014 Matthew W. Buggert Meagan R. Hanna
2013 Julia V. Mascari Chellsee D. Lee
2012 Elise M. O'Dea Kristen D. Avila
2011 Christine Tabacco Matt Rindermann
2010 Travis J. Miller Cailean Kilroy & Logan McCoy
2009 Joel Armin-Hoiland Madeline Ward & Brandon Wicks
2008 Jill Jaffe Stephanie Timm & Jenna Driscoll
2007 Alexis R. Hamilton Julie L. Powell & Coryl N. Dolfin
2006 Ashley Jones Sarah D. Pellkofer & Chandler Briggs
2005 Kirstyn Werner Steven J. Rodger & Emily Murphy
2004   Edward France
2003   Alisha Dahlstrom
2002   Sara Aminzadeh, Laura Dell'Olio & Ellen Salvador
2001   Victoria Minnich, Alyssa Nieto & Ada J. Otter
2000   Kolmilata Majumdar, Jayme Timberlake &
Amy Trester
1999   Meghan M. Conklin & Misty M. Gonzales

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Past Manley Memorial Lectures

Alexis Bunten (Unangan/Yup’ik) Co-director, Indigineity for Bioneers
2018   Brenda Ekwurzel, Director of Climate Science for the Union of Concerned Scientists
2017   Charles Lester, Speaker, Lecturer, and former Director of the California Coastal Commission
2016   Charles Fishman, Author & Speaker, NY Times Bestsellers: "The Walmart Effect" and "A Curious Mind".
2015   Julia Marton-Levere, former Director General IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), Author, Lecturer
2014   Olivier De Schutter, Professor, Univ. of Louvain, Brussels and UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food
2013   Paul Greenberg, Author & Speaker, NY Times Bestseller: Four Fish: the Future of the Last Wild Food
2012   Jay Gulledge, Sr. Scientist & Director for Science & Impacts, Center for Climate & Energy Solutions
2011   Daniel P. Schrag, Director, Harvard University Center for the Environment
2010   Deb Callahan, President, The H. John Heinz III Center for Science, Economics & the Environment
2009   Richard Harris, Science Correspondent, National Public Radio (NPR)
2008   James P. Kennett, Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Earth Science, UC Santa Barbara
2007   John W. Day, Jr., Distinguished Prof. Emeritus, Dept. of Oceanography & Coastal Sciences, Louisiana State Univ.
2006   Robert Glennon, Morris K. Udall Prof. of Law & Public Policy, Rogers College of Law, Univerity of Arizona
2005   Christopher Flaviin, President, Worldwatch Institute
2004   Norman C. Ellstrand, Professor, Dept. of Botany & Plant Sciences, University of California, Riverside
2003   Harriet Ritvo, Arthur J. Conner Professor of History, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
2002   Tundi Agardy, Director, Sound Seas, Washington, D.C.
2001   Cynthia Moss, Director, Amboseli Elephant Research Project, Nairobi, Kenya
2000   No Steven Manley Memorial Lecture this year
1999   Catherine Koshland, Professor, School of Public Health, UC Berkeley
1998   Mike Davis, Lecturer & Author, Los Angeles, California
1997   The Right Honourable Kim Campbell, Past Canadian Prime Minister
1996   Thomas Dunne, Professor, School of Environmental Science & Management, UC Santa Barbara
1995   William D. Ruckelshaus, Chairman & CEO, Browning--Ferris Industries, Houston, TX
1994   Herbert Bormann, Professor Emeritus, Yale School of Forestry, Yale University
1993   Bonnie J. McCay, Professor, Human Ecology / Anthropolgy, Rutgers University
1992   H. Patricia Hynes, Dept. of Urban Studies and Planning, Massachussetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
1991   Dr. Arthur Rosenfeld, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories, UC Berkeley
1990   Dr. Sherwood Rowland, Department of Chemistry, UC Irvine
1989   Ramachandra Guha, Institute of Economic Growth, New Delhi, India
1988   Russell Peterson, President Emeritus, National Audubon Society
1987   Garrett Hardin, Human Ecology, UC Santa Barbara, CA
1986   Edith Brown Weiss, Professor Emeritus, Professor Law Center, Georgetown University
1985   Dr. David Morris, Executive Dir., Center for Local Self-Reliance, Washington, D.C.
James Pissot, President, Utah Audubon Society & Co-Founder, Utah Wilderness Association
1984   Professors Thayer Scudder - Dept.of Anthropology, CA Institute of Technology
James Anderson, Dept. of Anthropology, UC Berkeley
Steven R. Gliessman, Dept. of Ecology, UC Santa Cruz
1983   Professors Thomas C. Jorling, Director - Center for Environmental Studies, Williams College
Stanley Dundon, Department of Philosophy, CA Polytechnic State University
1982   Sally Ann Ranney, Founder & President - American Wilderness Alliance
1981   Dr. Thomas Lovejoy, Vice President - World Wildlife Fund

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