Course Information

The Environmental Studies Program offers a wide variety of courses covering a diverse field of disciplines and topics. A current list of all ES courses, including a brief description, prerequisites, recommended preparation, and units assigned for each is available for review via the UCSB's General Catalog's - Environmental Studies section.

Many current and past ES course syllabi are available for review in .PDF format from this website on the Course Syllabi page.

Note: Not all Environmental Studies courses are offered every year. When offered, the course is normally taught just once a year, so try to plan your schedule carefully and take courses you want when they are offered. For actual course offerings by quarter, please consult UCSB's Schedule of Classes - Class Search or GOLD (for current students).  One may also view the ES Program's Proposed Course Schedule for a listing of ES courses to be offered in future quarters. 

Some courses are offered in sequence and require the first course be completed before enrolling in the second or third course. Be sure to check the prerequisites of all ES courses before enrolling.

To register for a course for which you have not satisfied all the prerequisites you must first contact and obtain an approval code from the  course instructor prior to adding the course.

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