Giving to Environmental Studies

The goal of Environmental Studies at UCSB has always been to provide our students with the best possible opportunities to learn and develop. We have an outstanding faculty and staff; people who are talented, committed, and effective. We invite you to join us in pursuit of these goals.

Responsible stewardship of our environment will require leaders that understand and respect human values and goals, and the relationships between natural and human communities. We believe that managing natural resources in responsible ways will sustain both resources and the human enterprise. Today's critical issues like climate change, energy, water quality, ecosystem management and conservation, and human and environmental health are opportunities for the next generation of leaders to devise and implement solutions of global impact and enduring harmony.

Tomorrow's leaders must possess the scholarly background and intellectual skills necessary to understand complex environmental problems and formulate decisions that are environmentally sound. Our process is highly interdisciplinary, drawing upon the diversity of environmentally related departments and disciplines throughout UC Santa Barbara. The new environmental leaders will be strong scholars with practical problem-solving skills, using both traditional governmental tools and those of commerce. They will think critically across disciplines and forge innovative partnerships.

Environmental Studies has several targets that could particularly benefit from your support.

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Give to Environmental Studies

Students monitoring the lagoon

I can honestly say that I have been able to use everything I learned in the ES Program. The interdisciplinary education prepares you for almost anything that can come your way.

— Deb Callahan
President, Heinz Center
Class of 1981