The ES Program announces it’s "Annual Call for TA Applications for our Wait-List" for the 2016-17 Academic Year!


  1. You must be a registered graduate student (at least 8 units / 12 for Bren Grad Students) in the quarter for which you are applying to TA

  2. Your combined UCSB employment must not exceed 50%

  3. ?If you accept a TA position with Environmental Studies you are committing yourself to fulfill the duties of the position until final grades are assigned. Please remember that your TAship Appointment ends AFTER the final--not before)



  • By submitting a "TA Application for Consideration", this is not a guarantee of employment. This only puts you in our TA "Wait-List" database should an instructor loose a TA s/he already planned to hire or more sections are added to the course requiring an additional TA.

  • You WILL receive a confirmation email that we have received your application.

  • You WILL NOT receive regular updates from the department. It will be your responsibility to contact the instructors to express your interest in a TAship and to follow up with those Instructors if you have not received a response. (Great practice for job hunting after you graduate!)

Thank you!

Download Application HERE