Dr. Manalis Retires After 45+ Years Teaching Environmental Studies

After 45+ years of dedicated service and teaching in the Environmental Studies Program at UC Santa Barbara Dr. Mel Manalis announced his retirement at the end of June, 2017.  He will continue to serve the University in the capacity of Lecturer Emeritus and Research Associate. The ES Program has set up a tribute webpage celebrating Dr. Manalis at http://www.es.ucsb.edu/news/manalis. Check it out and please help us recognize Mel's decades of accomplishments and impact on the 6,000 plus students he taught by submitting a comment, tribute, memory, or story to the list of comments on the webpage.

ABOUT DR. MANALIS:  With his background in physics, Mel’s research interests surround the  development of quantifiable sustainability measures and renewable  energy. His research on wind energy and collaboration with Zond Wind  Power led to the creation of Environmental Studies’ first endowed chair.  The Dehlsen Chair. Mel has taught over 6,000 Environmental Studies  majors through a variety of energy and non-energy related courses. In  addition to developing ES’s pioneer course on Energy and the  Environment, and a course on Renewable energy, Dr. Manalis is credited  with creating the courses Industrial Ecology, and Quantitative Thinking  in Environmental Studies.  During the 1980’s, Mel led a seminal delegation of wind energy experts  to advise the Chinese government on how to initialize a large-scale wind  energy effort. This project has become the foundation of China’s rapid  advancement in wind power development. In addition, Mel conducted the  first wind energy study of Vandenberg Air Force Base in Lompoc,  California and the nascent study of solar energy applications for the  California Energy Commission following the 1973 oil embargo. Mel  currently serves as a member of the Institute for Energy Efficiency’s  Economics and Policy Solutions Group. He will remain working as a  research scientist with the Environmental Studies Program upon his  retirement.  In recognition of his service to ES and the environmental community, he  was presented the ES Program's 2017 Outstanding Community Service Award  at this year's Commencement Reception.