Environmental Studies Research Enhancement Awards (for Undergraduates only)

Goal: To provide funding for ES students conducting research or similar creative activities that will enhance their educational and career goals. Funding is available for supplies & expenses, campus recharge for space/facilities usage or NRS Reserve charges, and mileage reimbursement or other travel expenses directly related to the research.

Amount of Funding: Up to $500 per Individual Award


·       Applicant must be a sophomore, junior, or senior Environmental Studies major, and must be conducting research under the guidance of a faculty member or one of their graduate students

·       Applicants must have a GPA of 3.0

·       All applicants must have a faculty sponsor

To apply: Submit a 1 page description of the proposed research, and a 1 page proposed budget with justification.  Student should also indicate the faculty sponsor and provide contact information for them.


·       A student funded by a faculty member’s research grant can apply as long as they are conducting their own clearly identifiable piece of research within the larger lab framework.

·       Funding cannot be used for salaries.

·       Funding is strictly reimbursable through ES staff.

·       It will not go into the students BARC account. Students must save and turn in all receipts and/or or fill in travel forms for mileage or other travel reimbursement (forms available from ES office).

·       Funds must be spent while student is still enrolled.

·       Unspent funds will be returned to the Department.

·       A reporting (1-2 pages) of how the funds contributed to the research product is required before final reimbursements.

·       Recipients are required to contribute a poster to the annual Undergraduate Research Symposium in May (if still a registered student.)

Applications can be submitted at any time via email to Erinn O’Shea at eoshea@es.ucsb.edu. Decisions on applications will be determined within 4 weeks after submission of application.

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