2019 ES Senior Thesis Presentations

2019 ES Senior Thesis Presentations
Thursday, May 30, 2019
Bren 4016

Light refreshments will be provided throughout the afternoon


Session 1 (12:00-1:15pm)

  • Harri Ashby, “Communities on the Move: Understanding the impacts of federal policy on climate- induced community relocation”
  • Michaela Austin, “Environmental Resegregation and the Evolution of Exclusion”
  • Lauren Enright, “And the Rest is History: Identifying factors that determine a community’s ability to rebuild post-hurricane”
  • Bianca LaCavera, “El Futuro del Energia: Pumped hydro storage and clean energy in Spain” Wyatt Stoker, “Through the Wire: An analysis of state-level demand side management policies”

Session 2 (1:30-2:45pm)

  • Jonah Allen, “The Future is Rotten: Outlook on industrial-scale in situ remediation of xenobiotic contaminated soils by white rot fungi”
  • Angela Delos Santos, “Mahogany is Murder: The impact of advocacy campaigns on tropical deforestation”
  • Tanner Dorrough, “Water Markets and Drought: A look into the California state water project” Ruby Korpics, “The Sun and the Sea: An experimental study on the role of photodegradation in dissolved organic carbon breakdown and marine trophic dynamics”
  • Molly Yoon, “Protecting the Ocean’s Rainforests: Determining the most harmful anthropogenic stressor on Hawaiian coral reefs”

Session 3 (3:00-4:15pm)

  • Seth Alston, “Groundwater Markets and SGMA: A case study of the Fox Canyon groundwater management area”
  • Maya Chiodo, “What’s So Bad About Being Called a Pig? A senior thesis on the study of dehumanization”
  • Catherine Lee, “Paving the Highway to Hell for the Poor: How the environmental concerns of South Los Angeles residents were disregarded over the years”
  • Juan Miranda, “Educating Our Way Out of Trash? Understanding the effect of recycling promotion and education in California”
  • Kendall Post, “The Birth of a Tree Hugger: Comparing student motivation for pursuing a major in Environmental Studies”

Session 4 (4:30-5:45pm)

  • Rose Ettleson, “The Inconvenient Truth: A comparison of how An Inconvenient Truth and An Inconvenient Sequel impacted the conversation around climate change”
  • Lauren Lankenau, “Frack(IN) or Frack(OUT): Comparing Santa Barbara County’s Measure P and Mendocino County’s Measure S”
  • Amanda Pantoja, “Indigenizing Climate Legislation: A case study on Alaska native engagement in state climate change policies”
  • Elizabeth Szulc, “Public Lands, Private Meetings: Understanding the strategic decisions of lobbyists for public lands environmental nongovernmental organizations”
  • Cynthia Torres, “Burnin’ Up the Breeze: Evaluating sundowner winds’ effect on aerosols during the Thomas fire”

Session 5 (6:00-7:15pm)

  • Bettie Coy, “Dinner Before Desert: A mixed-methods analysis of the desertification occurring in California’s agricultural communities due to large-scale water infrastructure projects”
  • Annie Golay, “Better Together: Understanding student perceptions of the 2018 Montecito debris flow”
  • Sierra Emrick, “Saving the World with Seaweed: What will it take to establish a seaweed aquaculture carbon sequestration project in California?”
  • Bailey Heng, “Go Fish: A review on global intersections of aquaculture and commercial fishing” Kat Sitnikova, “Wasted Potential: An analysis of student household food waste separation behavior in Isla Vista, California”