Thank You Dr. Graves

This webpage is dedicated to celebrating longtime ES Lecturer, Dr. Gregory Graves, who will be hanging his Lecturer hat at the conclusion of the Fall 2018
and retiring.

We would like to acknowledge and thank Dr. Graves for his tireless work and contributions to the Environmental Studies Program over the past 25 years!  

Please help us recognize Greg's decades of accomplishments and impact on the thousands of students he taught by submitting a comment, tribute, memory, or story to be added to the Comment/Tribute section below.  Send your comment via email, including if you are a current student, alumnus (year), friend, or other, to

- Congratulations Greg and Thank You!

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ABOUT DR. GRAVES:  Dr. Graves received his BA and MA in Public History from Oklahoma State University and his PhD from UC Santa Barbara. He taught at CSU, Northridge for a number of years before returning to UC Santa Barbara and teaching for the History Department and the Environmental Studies Program since 1993.  Environmental Studies courses he hass taught include: ENVS 3: Introduction to the Social and Cultural Environment, ENVS 173: American Environmental History. ENVS 188: The Ethics of HUman-Environmental Relations, ENVS 193ER: Environment in the 21st Century, and ENVS 197: Senior Thesis in Environmental Studies.




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1)  I originally came into UCSB as an undeclared major and spent a large portion of my first year taking a variety of GE's to figure out what major I wanted to declare. Spring quarter of my first year I took Dr. Graves ENV S 3 class and discovered my passion for the environment. It was Dr. Graves's class that made me want to major in E.S. and I couldn't be more grateful. Thank you Dr. Graves for helping me find my passion and for all your hard work!  - Ruby S. (current ES major)

2)  I have taken Dr. Graves' ENV S 3 class and liked it a lot. He made me consider being a History major or perhaps minoring in it. I remember in class he would play a lot of catchy old songs where I would keep track and make a playlist of them. He exposed me to Led Zepplin which is now my favorite band.  I took his History of California class and it was the best. He knows a lot on California and he isn't afraid to make fun on subjects. He cracks a lot old jokes that are sometimes funny. I like it when he talks about when he was growing up as a college student or back in the day stories. My favorite thing about him was I went into his office hours and we talked about Rock and Roll music for a good amount of time.  He is a good man. I will miss him for he was my favorite professor at UCSB. - Kenneth M. (former student)

3)   I had Greg as an instructor for two intro environmental studies courses, Environmental ethics, and the senior thesis class. I enjoyed him as a teacher and mentor and will forever appreciate all the heart and humor he put into his classes.  My favorite memory of Greg Graves is him doing a yoga demonstration during an Environmental Ethics lecture back in 2011. He did the crow pose, solo on stage of course, in the middle of lecture, and quite impressively I might add --it was amazing and hilarious, educational and cool, just like Greg. Thank you, thank Greg Graves, and all the best from a former Gaucho!   -  Kelly Bayer B.A. Environmental Studies, 2011

4)  I am a current second year ES major who took your ES 3 class last year. Your enthusiasm, passion and obvious love for the environment and the history of human impacts upon it made the class so interesting for me to attend every day. Thank you so much for making me fall even more in love with my major and for making last quarter so enjoyable!  -  Katie Wolf 

5)  Thank you so much for enthusiasm and passion. I first took ES3 with you. I went on to take both upper div History and ES classes with you and graduated with degrees in both. Your lectures were engaging and your guidance for my thesis was invaluable. I wish you the best in your retirement!  - Ally G. (ES Alumna)

6)  Throughout my time at UCSB, I took several of Dr. Graves courses and always enjoyed my time in his lectures. He never failed to have a positive attitude and make the class more interesting with jokes or stories! My classmates and I loved his passion for teaching and the environment. I remember in environmental ethics we watched some old twilight zone episodes about colonialism, and I thought that was a really fun and creative way to introduce a topic. Thank you Dr. Graves! We were so lucky to have you as a professor.   
- Natalie Minouei, Class of 2018

7)  Greg Graves was a great lecturer and fantastic ES Thesis advisor and I thank him for his contributions to UCSB!  Have a great retirement!  - Maxx Echt, Class of 2010 

8)  Dr. Graves was one of my favorite professors at UCSB. His ENV S 3 class set the framework for how I would view environmental studies throughout my entire college career. The content I learned in all of his classes amazed me, and the quality of his teachings were amplified by his casual humor and that one time he had the class do a couple of breathing exercises together while he demonstrated his yogi skills.  Thank you, Dr. Graves, for being a great professor! Happy retirement!  - Marilin Lopez-Bermudez

9)  Professor Graves influenced me to become an Environmental Studies major. His class, environmental history, was the first environmental class I took and that was all I needed to be persuaded to declare an ES major. I enjoyed his stories, usually involving John Cleese, and his lecture style. Later, Graves became my thesis adviser and helped me throughout the process. Enjoy retirement! 
-Simone Steger, class of 2010