Greg Mohr

Greg Mohr, Lecturer in Environmental Studies
Lecturer in Environmental Studies

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Bren Hall
(Winter 2016)


Environmental Planning, Environmental Impact Analysis, CEQA, and NEPA

Lecturer in Environmental Studies


  • M.A., University of California, Santa Barbara


Greg Mohr is a UCSB graduate from 1976 (BA, ES & Geography, plus graduate work in Geography, 1976-79). His primary career was with Santa Barbara County as an Environmental Specialist and Planner (1979-2007), and he has had other jobs related to environmental impact analysis both before and after his county career. For the past few years he has also been involved in volunteer work with the county retirees’ association, the Citizens Planning Association, and the Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences.


Greg Mohr currently helps teach ES 165A: Environmental Impact Analysis and leads ES 165B: Advanced Environmental Impact Analysis. The classes focus on the primary applicable California law, the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), and cover in less detail other related federal and state laws and regulations, most notably the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Both CEQA and NEPA's general purpose is to fully inform public and public agency decision-makers about the nature and severity of adverse environmental effects associated with various legally-described projects, such as the approval of development proposals and legislative changes like general plans, zoning ordinances, and public land management plans. 165B offers practical background and experience in all main aspects of preparing a complete environmental impact report, including but not limited to formulating mitigation measures and alternatives that meet basic project objectives while reducing or eliminating adverse environmental effects.


What's So Funny about “The Maintenance and Enhancement of Long-Term Productivity”? (With apologies to Elvis Costello). Presented at the AESS 2012 Conference, Santa Clara University CA, June 22, 2012; previously presented at the AEP 2007 Conference, Shell Beach, CA, May 1, 2007. (Abstract available upon request.)

Ecological Impact of Land Cleanup and Restoration (research credit, with others).  EPA Technical Report 520/3?78?006, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Radiation and Indoor Air, 1978 (reprinted July 1993).

“Automated Environmental Analysis Routines Developed under Lotus 1?2?3” (with Stephen Mason).  Abstract, December 1987; accepted for presentation and demonstration at the 26th Annual Conference of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA), Los Angeles, CA, 07 ? 11 August 1988.

“The Use of a Joint City/County Specific Plan as CEQA Mitigation for an Interagency Wastewater Collection and Disposal Project, Mission Canyon Area, Santa Barbara County, California” (prepared in collaboration with Michael Montoya).  Presented at the Annual Conference of the Association of Environmental Professionals (AEP), San Diego, CA, 23 ? 26 April 1987.

“Streamlining the Environmental Review Process for Projects in the Coastal Zone” (with Eric R. Sakowicz).  Coastal Zone ‘83, Proceedings of the Third Symposium on Coastal and Ocean Management.  American Society of Civil Engineers, 1983:  v. III, pp. 2552 ? 2570.



ES 165B: Advanced Environmental Impact Analysis