Quentin Gee

Quentin Gee, Lecturer, Environmental Studies
Lecturer in Environmental Studies and Philosophy

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Social and Scientific Analysis of Environmental Issues (Energy, Food Systems, Climate)

Lecturer  in Environmental Studies and Philosophy Departments


  • Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara
  • M.A., Western Michigan University


Quentin came to UCSB as a PhD Student in Philosophy focusing on Ethics and Political Philosophy, graduating in 2013. He also has a background in logic, science, mathematics, and general environmental studies topics. After being a Teaching Assistant and Associate for several years in Environmental Studies and Philosophy, he now teaches courses in Philosophy and Environmental Science at UCSB.

Dissertation (Fall 2013) “Group Agency, Moral Agency, and Moral Patiency” (advised by Christopher McMahon)


Quentin is interested issues in energy, food systems, climate change, and ethics. For instance, he is currently working on research involving energy and climate impacts associated with heat pumps, and has recently published work on the health resulting climate impacts associated with plant-based diets. He has also written on policy and ethical matters regarding the rights of organizations of people (as opposed to rights of the people themselves).


ES 25: Quantitative Thinking in Environmental Studies
ES 105. Solar and Renewable Energy
ES 106. Critical Thinking About Human-Environment Problems and Solutions
ES 115: Energy and the Environment
ES 117: Science and Policy Dimensions of Climate Change
PHIL 4: Introduction to Ethics
PHIL 134: Moral Psychology
PHIL 139: Metaethics
PHIL 149: Action Theory (Group Agency)
PHIL 145: Responsibility and Punishment
PHIL 188: Value Theory (Civic Republicanism and Climate Ethics)