Teresa "Tess" Shewry

Tess Shewry, Affiliated Assistant Professor, PhD Emphasis Affiliate (IEES)
Assistant Professor

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Literature and the Environment, and Twentieth Century Anglophone Literature

Faculty in English Department


  • Ph.D., Literature, Duke University
  • B.A., English and Japanese, Victoria University, New Zealand



Dr. Tess Shewry's research areas include Pacific and Pacific Rim cultures, postcolonial and global literary studies, environmental humanities, and water and the ocean. 


Teresa Shewry's book, Hope at Sea: Possible Ecologies in Oceanic Literature (forthcoming at the University of Minnesota Press), explores hope in the context of environmental change in the Pacific. Shewry recently co-organized a Mellon Sawyer Seminar on “Sea Change.”


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ENGL 122AP: Cultural Representations: Literature and the Environment-Imagining Asia and the Pacific
ENGL 165LP: Topics in Literature: Literature of the Pacific
ENGL 197: Upper Division Seminar: Indigenous Literatures
ENGL 104B: British Literature from the 1900s to Present
ENGL 234: Utopia and the Environment**
ENGL 234: Time, Space, and Ecology**
ENGL 265HS: Seminar in Special Topics: Sea Change

**Elective course for IEES