PhD Emphasis Requirements

  1. Core Seminar: All students in the emphasis must register for the Core Seminar (ENV S 200). The seminar is offered each winter quarter. The purpose of the seminar is to bring together graduate students at UCSB who share an interest in research at the intersection of environment and society. Students who are considering applying to emphasis are encouraged to enroll in the Core Seminar or attend sessions.
  2. Course Electives: All students in the emphasis must take three elective courses in departments and disciplines other than their own. The purpose of the electives is to enable students to develop expertise in an area that complements their disciplinary training. Electives should be selected strategically and with careful planning. Students should choose electives in consultation with the emphasis program director and the outside member of their dissertation committee.
  3. Outside Member on Dissertation Committee: All students in the emphasis must have one outside member on their dissertation committees, selected from the list of faculty participating in the emphasis.
  4. IPEES Symposium: All students must present at least once in the annual IPEES Symposium, where beginning and continuing students present their research. All students in the emphasis are strongly encouraged to participate in and attend the IPEES Symposium throughout their time at UCSB.
  5. Interdisciplinarity: All students must include some aspect of interdisciplinary environmental studies as a substantial component of their dissertations. There are many ways to fulfill this final requirement, and students will do so with the guidance of their outside committee members.

Note that in addition to the emphasis requirements, students must satisfy all requirements in their home departments.