Academic Advising

The Environmental Studies Program has two full-time Academic Advisors available to advise students about major requirements, course selection, internship opportunities, career data, and graduate school opportunities, policies, and procedures. ES Faculty members are also a valuable resource for student consultation and available during posted office hours or by appointment.  

SPECIAL NOTE: Students can run their own degree audit at any time through GOLD, using current, up-to-date information.  View step-by-step instructions on how to your current major degree audit here.

ES Academic Advisors

Eric Zimmerman and Elijah Baker currently serve as the ES Program's Academic Advisors.  Eric's office is located within the ES Main office in Bren Hall, Rm 4312 and is generally available for drop-in advising Monday-Friday,  9:00-11:45 and 1:15-4:00 where he will see students on a first come-first serve basis.  Appointments are strongly recommended to assure he is available to meet:  

Elijah's office is across the hall in Bren 4313 and is available for drop-in advising Monday-Friday, 9:00-12 and 1:15-4:00. 

You are welcome to email questions to the ES Advising team at:   

The ES Adivsors also maintain a variety of resources online via this website and their office pertaining to:

- Career Information and Graduate School Info
- Environmental News and Organizations
- Internship Opportunities
- Environmental Field Studies Programs and Opportunities
- Answers to Commonly Asked Questions by ES Students and
- "Ten Ways to Enhance your ES Education at UCSB"

Additional Sources of Academic Advising and Counseling at UCSB:

The College of Letters and Science Advising Office (1117 Cheadle Hall) may help students with: planning one's General Education program, understanding University requirements, policies, and procedures, assessing your progress to degree, obtaining and submitting petitions, and evaluating all of your academic and transfer work, etc..

Undergraduate Career Services (Bldg. 599) offers career workshops, career assessment, occupational information and professional networking options, part time job and internship listings, employment listings, job search strategies, and graduate school information.

Undergraduate Counseling Services (Bldg. 599) provides personal counseling to assist students in resolving the personal and relationship concerns which could impede your academic progress. Our counselors will work with you to help you decide which direct services that might best meet your needs, and/or make appropriate referrals to other services with careful follow-up processes.

Campus Learning Assistance Services - CLAS (Student Resource Building, Rm 3210) offers a wide range of tutorial and academic skills programs designed to assist students in attaining mastery of their university course material. In addition, CLAS has a staff of dedicated professional learning skills counselors to help students through the intricacies of subjects and skills as varied as calculus, organic chemistry, time management, and term paper composition (to name but a few).

Education Abroad Program (2431 South Hall) is your academic link to studying around the world. Students in the University of California are fortunate to have available to them the premier study abroad program in the country. UC's Education Abroad Program has 247 programs in 150 universities worldwide, in 35 countries on six continents. EAP enables students to spend some period of their academic career -- a year, a semester, a quarter or summer term --studying abroad. While abroad they remain fully enrolled UC students.

Index of UCSB Student Services and Activities can be found at: