Environmental Career Information

Take ENVS 190: Current Topics in Environmental Studies: Environmental Careers!
If you want to learn more about enironmental careers and how best to prepare for them while at UCSB it's strongly recomended you enroll in Env S 190:  Environmental Careersoffered every Fall quarter.  Check on GOLD for specific registration information.

The focus of the class is on “Environmental Careers,” what they are, how to choose one, and what UCSB resources you may use to better prepare for life after graduation. The topic is designed to help you think about your career interests and how to achieve your desires.

Additional information about the course will be posted here as we draw closer to the start of the fall quarter.

Below are some environmental career resources compiled by the ES Peer Advisors and used in the Environmental Career course mentioned above:



Green Degrees <http://www.accreditedschoolsonline.org/resources/green-degrees/>
Guidebook for those pursuing a green career. Inside this guide you will find information on what exactly a green degree is, how to plan your career path once obtaining your degree, and how to go about sprouting career opportunities!

US Department of Labor <http://www.bls.gov>
Great information on available job opportunities and industries such as salary, education needed, expected growth, and sample "day in the life" job descriptions.

Peace Corps <http://www.peacecorps.gov/>

Governmental Jobs <http://www.govtjobs.com/jobsourc.html>
Job information from every government sector from the Department of Energy to the CIA. Job applications, questionnaires, descriptions, and exam information are available.

EPA Jobs and Scholorships <http://www.epa.gov/ohr/careers/index.html>

GreenBiz- Environmental Economics <http://www.greenbiz.com/jobs/>
Job opportunities in the for profit business world for the environmentally oriented worker.

Environmental Jobs 
These websites are general environmental job websites with a fairly good mix of entry level and senior level positions in lots of different areas such as energy, consulting, organic products, environmental non profits, and policy. 

National Council for Science and the Environment: Internships and Jobs 
Great internship opportunity for college grads and graduate students.

Environmental Careers Organization <http://www.eco.org>
This website has good tips and links concerning getting an environmentally oriented job.

Environmental Business Information <http://www.environmental-expert.com/jobs.htm>
Environmental job information that is focused on jobs in the UK and for seasoned environmental professionals with advanced degrees or experience. This is a good place to find out about "dream jobs" or positions to work toward.

Corporate Social Responsibility Jobs <http://www.bsr.org/en/about
This is a job listing website that solicits postings from members of Businesses for Social Responsibility.

Outdoor Careers <http://www.princeton.edu/~oa/jobs/careeroe.html>
A guide to finding an outdoorsy career.

Learn How to Become: Outdoor Careers <https://www.learnhowtobecome.org/career-resource-center/outdoor-careers/>

Renewable Energy <http://www.greenjobs.com/>
Job listings that are specifically related to energy.

UCSB Career Services <http://career.ucsb.edu/

UCSB Career Services - Careers through Environmental Studies Major <http://career.ucsb.edu/students/majors/environmental_studies/index.html>

Environmental Careers Opportunities <http://www.ecojobs.com/environmental-internships.htm>
Environmental Internships and Volunteer Opportunities. Allows you to search for Environmental jobs by State. 


Environmental Career Books and Resources

(a copy of these books are available in Peer's Office)

"The Complete Guide to Environmental Careers in the 21st Century"
by Kevin Doyle, Environmental Careers Organization (Editor), Tanya Stubbs

Paperback - 280 pages 3 edition (October 1998) Island Press; ISBN: 155963586X 

This is THE book to buy on careers in the environment. It details almost any profession you can think of, from science to social work. There are clear descriptions off all the various careers, case studies (i.e. "a day in the life of John Doe, Botanist") and tons of contact information for everyone from the high school student to a Ph.D.. I bought three books on the subject, and this one covers all the information that was in the other two plus it gives hints on how to go about preparing for and engaging in the job search. 

"Careers in the Environment" (VGM Professional Careers Series)
by Michael Fasulo, Paul Walker

Paperback - 160 pages 2nd edition (April 1, 2000) NTC/Contemporary Publishing Co.; ISBN: 0658002244 

Covers all types of careers, plus includes detailed job forecast information, salary data and each section includes a summary of how to obtain additional career information as well as the education required. The book also includes extensive reference material such as professional organizations for each job.

"Green at Work : Finding a Business Career That Works for the Environment"
by Susan Cohn, Horst Rechelbacher

Paperback - 400 pages Rev&Expanded edition (October 1995) Island Press; ISBN: 1559633344 

After an initial section on how to learn about "green" jobs and a summary of environmental law, the bulk of the book comprises 70 profiles of individuals who are creating a better environment through their careers. This wonderful resource enables users to explore a wide range of green business careers. While it can be used for reference in specific fields, it will be even more valuable in exploring environmental job possibilities in general. Public and academic libraries will find this an important addition to career-planning collections. Cohn expands her scope beyond the business world to examine environmentally focused nontechnical careers in a wide variety of fields, including communications, banking and finance, and consulting. Includes listings of more than 400 contacts. 

"100 Jobs in the Environment"
by Debra Quintana

This title is out of print, but available in libraries and used bookstores. ASIN: 0028614291 

100 Jobs in the Environment has given me a knew perspective on my career choices. As a college student my self and fellow classmates have used this this book to guide our environmental careers. The author has given the reader clear career descriptions and interviews with successful environmental professionals. With each description of a profession is information on where to get education and training on some of the newest environmental jobs in the country. The format of this book is wonderful: each left page lists a job, duties, salary, prospects, education needed, etc.; each right page tells the story of someone who has this job - how they got it, what they do all day, where they see themselves going. 

"Outdoor Careers : Exploring Occupations in Outdoor Fields"
by Ellen Shenk

Paperback - 224 pages 2nd edition (February 2000) Stackpole Books; ISBN: 0811728730

Careers are grouped in chapters under eight general headings: agriculture and food production, biological sciences, conservation, environmental sciences, engineering, marine careers, recreation, and indoor careers with an outdoor twist. There are about 60 careers all told, including such uncommon jobs as elephant trainer, skydiving instructor, and equestrienne. Profiles of people in various professions offer personal perspectives, and each chapter has a resources section that provides detailed job source information, including fax numbers and Web site addresses. Salary ranges, educational requirements, and employment outlooks are also given, as are advice on choosing a career and tips on job hunting.

"Sunshine Jobs : Career Opportunities, Working Outdoors"
by Tom Stienstra, Robyn Schlueter, Janet Connaughton (Editor)

Paperback - 300 pages 2nd edition (April 1997) Live Oak Pubns; ISBN: 0911781153

Fifty different outdoor opportunities for gainful employment are explored in Sunshine Jobs. Each job is fully described in terms of how much it pays, training and education requirements, the pros and cons of the job, and strategies for getting that particular job. Sunshine Jobs also features first-person interviews with one hundred people who work at these jobs. These job-holders speak frankly and spontaneously about what is really involved on a day-by-day basis.

"Conservation Directory : A Guide to Worldwide Environmental Organizations (Conservation Directory, 2001)"
by National Wildlife Federation (Editor)

Paperback - 544 pages 46th edition (April 2001) The Lyons Press; ISBN: 1585741140 

Here is the authoritative sourcebook of over 3,000 organizations and agencies concerned with natural-resource use and management. The Lyons Press is proud to present the forty-sixth annual edition of the National Wildlife Federation’s Conservation Directory of U.S. and international organizations and agencies working to protect the environment. Included are: members of the United States Congress; government agencies; citizens’ groups; educational institutions; databases, services, periodicals, and other directories; federally protected
conservation areas; indexes; and more. 
This annual directory is essential for colleges and universities, libraries, environmental activists, students, outdoor writers, science editors, natural-resource agencies, people seeking employment in the field of conservation, researchers, and all individuals interested in wildlife and ecology. **** 

"Guide to Graduate Environmental Programs"
by Student Conservation Association Staff (Compiler), Scott D. Izzo

Paperback - 384 pages (May 1997) Island Press; ISBN: 1559633409

A must for anyone interested in attending graduate school in an environmental field, this guide presents, for the first time in a single volume, information on the various types of programs available across a wide spectrum of environmental fields: city and regional planning; environmental law; public policy; natural resources management; ecology; biological sciences; public health; architecture, and many others.