Peter Alagona Picture
  • Associate Professor

Environmental History, History of Science, Wildlife and Endangered Species, and California

Faculty in Environmental Studies and History Departments

  • Lecturer in Environmental Studies

Environmental Communications, Strategic Campaigning, Public Relations and Marketing, Culture Shaping, Environmental Justice and Climate Justice Movements

Lecturer in Environmental Studies and the Bren School

  • Bren Hall 4011
Gerardo Aldana, IEES Photo
  • Professor

Maya Hieroglyphic History, Mesoamerican Art, Experimental Archaeology, Culture Theory, and Indigeneity

Faculty in Chican@ Studies, Anthropology, and History Departments

  • (805) 893-5713
  • 1710 South Hall
Sarah Anderson, Associate Professor, Environmental Politics
  • Associate Professor

Political Structures and Dynamics, and Environmental Policy

Faculty in Bren School of Environmental Science and Management

  • 805-893-5886
  • Fax: 805-893-7612
  • Bren Hall 4510
Diana Arya, PHD
  • Assistant Professor

Language and Literacies Across the Disciplines; Narrative Studies; International Education; Science Literacy; Discourse as Collaboration

Faculty in The Gevirtz School of Education 

Javiera Barandiarán, Assistant Professor, Member of Emphasis Affiliate (IEES)
  • Assistant Professor

Science Studies, Innovation and Environmental Politics, and Public Policy

Faculty in Global International Studies 

  • Professor Emeritus

Environmental biology and global ecology.

• Faculty in Environmental Studies and Biological Sciences Depts.

• Ph.D., Rutgers University

  • 561-347-2440
  • Cell 917-747-3068
  • Professor Emeritus

Cultural ecology, modernization.

• Faculty in Environmental Studies and Anthropology Depts.

• Ph.D., Oxford University 

  • PostDoc

Coming soon...

  • Bren 4011 (Floor 4L)
Kevin Brown, Environment, Environmental Studies, UCSB
  • Postdoctoral Researcher

Environmental History, Western History, History of Science, and Wildlife and Endangered Species History

  • Bren 4011 (Floor 4L)
Michael Brown, Lecturer in Environmental Studies
  • Lecturer in Environmental Studies

Sustainability Strategy, Goals, and Metrics, Technical Evaluation of Materials and Products, Program Development, and Sustainability Data Development

Owner of Brown and Wilmanns Environmental, LLC

  • Bren Hall 4006 (Fall)
  • Professor

Sociocultural linguistics; language and identity; language and youth; language and race; language, gender, and sexuality; African American English; Chicano English and Spanish; language in California; discourse, cognition, and culture

Faculty in Linguistics.

  • Professor

Ecohydrological Dynamics, Isotope Ecohydrology, Coupled Natural-human Systems

Faculty in the Bren School of Environmental Science & Geography

Director of the Earth Research Institute at UCSB

  • 805-893-8446
  • Bren 4522
Oliver Chadwick, Professor
  • Professor

Soil Sciences, Soil Genesis and Classification, and Advanced Pedology and Geomorphology

Faculty in Environmental Studies and Geography Departments

  • (805) 893-2578
  • Ellison Hall 4806
  • Associate Professor

Political Economy of Globalization, Human Trafficking, Immigrant Women

Faculty in Feminist Studies.

  • Professor

City and Regional Planning, Urban Studies, Global Green Economy, International Development, China, Social Movements and Organized Labor. 

Faculty in Global Studies.

Professor -Enviro. Studies and Earth Science
  • Program Vice-Chair
  • Professor

Geochemistry, Hydrologic Sciences, Tracer Hydrology and Environmental Geology

Faculty in Environmental Studies and Earth Sciences Departments

  • (805) 893-7838
  • Webb Hall 2115
David Cleveland, Professor, Member of PhD Emphasis Affiliate (IEES)
  • Research Professor

Sustainable, Small-scale Agrifood Systems, Plant Breeding, Local and Scientific Knowledge, Climate Change, Nutrition, and Food Sovereignty

Research Professor in Environmental Studies and Department of Geography

Matthea Cremers
  • Continuing Lecturer in Environmental Studies

Gender and the Environment, Anthropology, Tourism, Environmental Justice and Human Environmental Rights

Lecturer in Environmental Studies and Anthropology Departments

  • (805) 893-8988
  • Bren Hall 4009
  • (Winter/Spring)
Carla D'Antonio, Chair, IEES
  • Schuyler Professor

Plant and Ecosystem Ecology, Invasive Species, Species Affects on Ecosystem Processes, and Restoration Ecology.

Faculty in Environmental Studies and EEMB Departments 

  • (805) 893-2796
  • Bren Hall 4002
  • Professor Emeritus

Environmental and resource economics, public economics.

• Faculty in Economics

• Ph.D., University of Washington 

  • (805) 893-3670
  • North Hall 3040
  • Assistant Professor

Energy systems and policy analysis; electricity sector planning, operations, and markets; geospatial analysis of energy resources; energy access in developing regions

  • Bren 4003
Darby Feldwin
  • Lecturer in Environmental Studies

Math and Science Education, and Green Technology

Faculty in Chemistry Department

  • 805-893-2127
  • PSB North 3649B
John Foran, Professor, IEES Picture
  • Professor

Climate Crisis, Global Climate Justice Movement, and Sustainable Development, and “Building Better Futures” 

Faculty in Sociology Department

Matt Fore, Lecturer
  • Lecturer in Environmental Studies

Waste Management, Conversion Technology, and Waste Characterization.

Environmental Services Manager for the City of Santa Barbara