A student majoring in Environmental Studies or Hydrologic Sciences and Policy may apply a course(s) taken either at UCSB or from another institution towards specific requirements within their major as long as the course(s) being substituted are UC transferable, classified at the appropriate class level (i.e. must be upper-division to satisfy an upper-division requirement), and the course content satisfactorily meets the requirement for which it is being applied.

Directions: to substitute a major requirement or apply a course(s) towards a requirement within the Environmental Studies or Hydrologic Science majors one must submit a Request to Petition Degree Requirements electronically by one of the following two options; but PLEASE ONLY USE one, not both.

  1. Via DocuSign by clicking here

  2. Download the Petition for Degree Requirements as .pdf and send it in via email. When filling out the petition be sure to 'save as' to your computer and then add it as an attachment to an email sent to: advising@es.ucsb.edu.  

Note:  For a petition to be considered all courses being requesting to be applied towards one's major must be posted to their UCSB Course History on GOLD as completed, transferred, or currently enrolled units.  Approval time averages three weeks and notification will be sent via your UCSB email address as well as posted to your GOLD account under Academic History - Degree Audit page. 
If necessary, you are welcome to expand your justification by attaching an additional .pdf containing supporting documents (i.e. catalog course description(s), syllabi etc.).

Use the Environmental Studies Request to Petition Degree Requirements form for any of the following:

  • Substitute a UCSB course(s) for a requirement in your major
  • Request a course taken Pass/No Pass be applied towards a lower-division requirement
  • Substitute transfer work from a community college or another institution not already articulated by Assist.org
  • Applying education abroad (EAP) or environmental field studies units towards the major
  • Petition a group of interdisciplinary upper-division courses to satisfy the Outside Concentration (Area C)

NOTE: Petitions for General Education (GE), University, or other requirements outside your major must be submitted separately to the College of Letters and Science using their petitions at: www.duels.ucsb.edu/advising/petitions

Questions about petitioning courses towards major requirements can be directed to the ES Academic Coordinator in Bren 4312 or the Advisor in Bren 4313 or by emailing advsing@es.ucsb.edu.