Environmental Studies offers an environmental current topics course (ENV S 190) each quarter. Students interested in learning more about the career for an environmental studies major are recommended to take this course at least once in the Fall quarter during their time at UCSB. The focus of the ENV S 190 in the fall is on “Environmental Careers;” what they are, how to choose one, and what UCSB resources you may use to better prepare for life after graduation. The topic is designed to help students think about your career interests and how to achieve their professional aspirations.

Students interested in knowing more about the careers available to students with an environmental studies background are encouraged to meet with the Environmental Studies Academic Coordinator (Bren 4312B) or Academic Advisor (Bren 4313). Additionally, UCSB Career Services offers students resources beyond their undergraduate career. 


This list is only a sample of the various resources available online. Students should do their own research and meet with the Environmental Studies Academic Coordinator or Advisor for further questions.

Guide to Green Degrees and Environmental Careers <https://www.publicservicedegrees.org/resources/green-degrees-and-careers/>
Guidebook for those pursuing a green career. Inside this guide you will find information on what exactly a green degree is, how to plan your career path once obtaining your degree, and how to go about sprouting career opportunities!

US Department of Labor <http://www.bls.gov>
Great information on available job opportunities and industries such as salary, education needed, expected growth, and sample "day in the life" job descriptions.

Peace Corps <http://www.peacecorps.gov/>

Governmental Jobs <http://www.govtjobs.com/jobsourc.html>
Job information from every government sector from the Department of Energy to the CIA. Job applications, questionnaires, descriptions, and exam information are available.

EPA Jobs and Scholarships <http://www.epa.gov/ohr/careers/index.html>

GreenBiz- Environmental Economics <http://www.greenbiz.com/jobs/>
Job opportunities in the for profit business world for the environmentally oriented worker.

Environmental Jobs 
These websites are general environmental job websites with a fairly good mix of entry level and senior level positions in lots of different areas such as energy, consulting, organic products, environmental non profits, and policy. 

National Council for Science and the Environment: Internships and Jobs 
Great internship opportunity for college grads and graduate students.

Environmental Careers Organization <http://www.eco.org>
This website has good tips and links concerning getting an environmentally oriented job.

Environmental Business Information <http://www.environmental-expert.com/jobs.htm>
Environmental job information that is focused on jobs in the UK and for seasoned environmental professionals with advanced degrees or experience. This is a good place to find out about "dream jobs" or positions to work toward.

Corporate Social Responsibility Jobs <http://www.bsr.org/en/about
This is a job listing website that solicits postings from members of Businesses for Social Responsibility.

Outdoor Careers <http://www.princeton.edu/~oa/jobs/careeroe.html>
A guide to finding an outdoorsy career.

Learn How to Become: Outdoor Careers <https://www.learnhowtobecome.org/career-resource-center/outdoor-careers/>

Renewable Energy <http://www.greenjobs.com/>
Job listings that are specifically related to energy.

UCSB Career Services <http://career.ucsb.edu/

UCSB Career Services - Careers through Environmental Studies Major <http://career.ucsb.edu/students/majors/environmental_studies/index.html>

Environmental Careers Opportunities <http://www.ecojobs.com/environmental-internships.htm>
Environmental Internships and Volunteer Opportunities. Allows you to search for Environmental jobs by State.