Boulder Lichen and Likin' Bouldering: Impact of rock climbing on boulder vegetation in Santa Barbara, CA
Keeha Levitan

The Future of Conservation is Female: A Meta-analysis of the effect of female empowerment on community-based conservation project success
Brianna Karson

Fishery Declines and Women in the Sex Industry in Thailand: An analysis of NGO’s perceptions of the relationship between drivers
Katie Wolf

Careful, That’s Probably a Carcinogen: Inconsistencies in environmental toxicology hazard and risk assessment reports of carcinogens
Iris Chan

Global Catastrophes: An analysis of the discourses of COVID-19 and climate policy
Sophia Thompson

Wildfire Smoke in Strawberry Fields: Evaluating fire-associated PM2.5 exposure effects on Ventura County farmworkers
Jackyln Vo

The Future of Food: How edible insects can improve food security in the US
Lexi Luong

Snowy Plovers and Sea Level Rise: Modeling the effects of sea level rise scenarios on Western snowy plover nesting habitat at Coal Oil Point Reserve
Alexa Kerr

Rights and Resilience: The environmental justice implications of the City of Santa Barbara’s Sea Level Rise Adaptation Plan
Johanna Read

Fashion… Friend or Foe? Factors influencing young consumers toward ethical apparel purchases
Gracie Towle

We’re All in this Together: Barriers and strategies of interorganizational collaboration for carbon neutrality in Isla Vista, California
Tyler Barton

To Ban or not to Ban? Regulation of atrazine in the United States and European Union
Giana Gurerra

Conserving Wildlife with Our Bear Hands
Breckee Horney

Shark Spotting From the Sky: Size frequency analysis of the leopard shark aggregation at Coal Oil Point, Santa Barbara
Alix Martin

Environmental Injustice in U.S. Prisons
Serafina Chavez

Dirty Dumping in the Clean Valley: A look at hazardous waste and environmental inequity in late twentieth century Silicon Valley
Anita Carraher

Who Decides When the Wells Run Dry? An exploratory analysis of stakeholder representation and its impact on equity in sustainable groundwater management
Meagan Brown

Slow Down, Fast Fashion! A study of eco-fashion consumption preferences and behaviors among high-income women
Danlei Zou

Changing Minds: Can environmental films help save the planet?
Quinn Wilson

The Pedestrianization of State Street and its Effect on Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Samantha Ellman

Who has the power? An interrupted time series analysis of California's electricity and natural gas usage during COVID-19
Nathaniel Villa

The Art of Communicating
Camille Locke

Saving the Whales from Ship Speeds: Assessing vessel speed reduction effectiveness for whale conservation efforts
Melanie Leung

How Do Environmental Activists Choose Campaign Strategy? Strategy selection and autonomy of youth-led campaigns against climate change
Handri Handoyo

Mapping Sea Level Rise in Aotearoa New Zealand: Empowering indigenous knowledge (mātauranga Māori) alongside western science and technology
Jamie Chen