Howze, Yvette

Financial Administrator

Bren 4312

Area's of Responsibility:

  • Payroll & Kronos Administration:
    • Readers, Student Assistants, and Limited Employees
  • Financial Administration:
    • All Scholarship Award
    • Recruitment Expenses
    • All Start-Up Funding
    • Schuyler Lecturer Fund
    • Manley Lecture Fund
    • Green Initiative Fund
  • Gateway Department Buyer
  • Flexcard Purchaser
  • UC Path Initiator
  • Financial Reporting


 Payroll & Kronos Administration: Readers, Student Assistants, and Limited Employees; Gateway Department Buyer, Flexcard Purchaser, UC Path Initiator; Financial Administration including: All Scholarship Award, Recruitment Expenses, All Start-Up Funding, Schuyler Lecturer Fund, Manley Lecture Fund, Green Initiative Fund