Peter Alagona Picture
  • Associate Professor
  • Director of IPEES

Environmental History, History of Science, Wildlife and Endangered Species, and California

Faculty in Environmental Studies and History Departments

  • Bren Hall 4013
Sarah Anderson, Associate Professor, Environmental Politics
  • Associate Professor

Political Structures and Dynamics, and Environmental Policy

Faculty in Bren School of Environmental Science and Management

  • 805-893-5886
  • Fax: 805-893-7612
  • Bren Hall 4510
Diana Arya, PHD
  • Assistant Professor

Language and Literacies Across the Disciplines; Narrative Studies; International Education; Science Literacy; Discourse as Collaboration

Faculty in The Gevirtz School of Education 

  • Academic Advisor
  • General advising for all ES majors
  • Change of Major petitions
  • (805) 893-2283
  • Bren 4313 (Floor 4L)
Javiera Barandiarán, Assistant Professor, Member of Emphasis Affiliate (IEES)
  • Assistant Professor

Science Studies, Innovation and Environmental Politics, and Public Policy

Faculty in Global International Studies 

  • Professor Emeritus

Environmental biology and global ecology.

• Faculty in Environmental Studies and Biological Sciences Depts.

• Ph.D., Rutgers University

  • 561-347-2440
  • Cell 917-747-3068
  • Professor Emeritus

Cultural ecology, modernization.

• Faculty in Environmental Studies and Anthropology Depts.

• Ph.D., Oxford University 

Michael Brown, Lecturer in Environmental Studies
  • Lecturer in Environmental Studies

Sustainability Strategy, Goals, and Metrics, Technical Evaluation of Materials and Products, Program Development, and Sustainability Data Development

Owner of Brown and Wilmanns Environmental, LLC

  • Bren Hall 4006 (Fall)
  • Assistant Professor

Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems, Regenerative and Organic Agriculture, Food and Agricultural Policy

Faculty in Environmental Studies

  • Professor

Ecohydrological Dynamics, Isotope Ecohydrology, Coupled Natural-human Systems

Faculty in the Bren School of Environmental Science & Geography

Director of the Earth Research Institute at UCSB

  • 805-893-8446
  • Bren 4522
Oliver Chadwick, Professor
  • Professor

Soil Sciences, Soil Genesis and Classification, and Advanced Pedology and Geomorphology

Faculty in Environmental Studies and Geography Departments

  • (805) 893-2578
  • Ellison Hall 4806
  • Associate Professor

Political Economy of Globalization, Human Trafficking, Immigrant Women

Faculty in Feminist Studies.

  • Professor

City and Regional Planning, Urban Studies, Global Green Economy, International Development, China, Social Movements and Organized Labor. 

Faculty in Global Studies.

Professor -Enviro. Studies and Earth Science
  • Program Vice-Chair
  • Professor

Geochemistry, Hydrologic Sciences, Tracer Hydrology and Environmental Geology

Faculty in Environmental Studies and Earth Sciences Departments

  • (805) 893-7838
  • Webb Hall 2115
David Cleveland, Professor, Member of PhD Emphasis Affiliate (IEES)
  • Emeriti Professor

Sustainable, Small-scale Agrifood Systems, Plant Breeding, Local and Scientific Knowledge, Climate Change, Nutrition, and Food Sovereignty

Research Professor in Environmental Studies and Department of Geography

Matthea Cremers
  • Continuing Lecturer in Environmental Studies

Gender and the Environment, Anthropology, Tourism, Environmental Justice and Human Environmental Rights

Lecturer in Environmental Studies and Anthropology Departments

  • (805) 893-8988
  • Bren Hall 4009
  • (Winter/Spring)
Carla D'Antonio, Chair, IEES
  • Schuyler Professor

Plant and Ecosystem Ecology, Invasive Species, Species Affects on Ecosystem Processes, and Restoration Ecology.

Faculty in Environmental Studies and EEMB Departments 

  • (805) 893-2796
  • Bren Hall 4002
Mona Damluji, Assistant Professor of Film & Media Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Affiliated Assistant Professor of Film & Media Studies at the UC Santa Barbara

Mona Damluji is Assistant Professor of Film & Media Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara and a co-convener/co-PI of the UCSB Mellon Sawyer Seminar on Energy Justice in Global Perspective for AY 2018-2019. She is a Peabody and Emmy Award-nominated producer of the short documentary series The Secret Life of Muslims. Her teaching, research and creative work engages underrepresented media histories and cultural studies of oil, cities and infrastructure with a focus on the Middle East and its diasporas.



  • Social Sciences & Media Studies 2415
  • Professor Emeritus

Environmental and resource economics, public economics.

• Faculty in Economics

• Ph.D., University of Washington 

  • (805) 893-3670
  • North Hall 3040
  • Assistant Professor

Energy systems and policy analysis; electricity sector planning, operations, and markets; geospatial analysis of energy resources; energy access in developing regions

  • Bren 4003
  • Lecturer

Hindu Studies, Animals and Religion, Comparative Ethics

Darby Feldwin
  • Lecturer in Environmental Studies

Math and Science Education, and Green Technology

Faculty in Chemistry Department

  • 805-893-2127
  • PSB North 3649B
John Foran, Professor, IEES Picture
  • Professor

Climate Crisis, Global Climate Justice Movement, and Sustainable Development, and “Building Better Futures” 

Faculty in Sociology Department

Matt Fore, Lecturer
  • Lecturer in Environmental Studies

Waste Management, Conversion Technology, and Waste Characterization.

Environmental Services Manager for the City of Santa Barbara

  • Dehlsen Professor

Environmental sociology.

• Faculty in Environmental Studies

• Ph.D., Yale University

  • Dr. Freudenburg passed away in 2010