Jeffrey Hoelle

Jeffrey Hoelle
Affiliated Associate Professor of Anthropology

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HSSB 2073
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Ecological and Economic Anthropology, Cattle Raising and Cowboy Cultures, Latin America, and the Brazilian Amazon

Faculty in Anthropology Department


  • Ph.D., University of Florida
  • M.A., Latin American Studies, University of Texas
  • B.A., Psychology and Spanish, Southwestern University


Dr. Jeffrey Hoelle is a cultural anthropologist with research interests in economic and ecological anthropology and conservation and development in Latin America. 


Jeffrey Hoelle's current research is focused on understanding the economic and cultural factors that contribute to the expansion of cattle raising in the western Amazon state of Acre, Brazil. He employs political ecology and practice theory frameworks to analyze how rubber tappers, colonists, and large-scale ranchers use and perceive cattle in relation to multi-scalar economic structures and conservation and development discourses and policies. He also examines the symbolic practices and preferences for a cattle-centered rural life that are expressed in cauboi (cowboy) and contri (country) popular culture in Acre.


Hoelle's interest in the economic, ecological, and cultural relationships between humans and cattle in Amazonia provides the foundation for an emerging research project in which he compares “cattle cultures” in the Americas, Africa, and India.


Click here for a full list of publications or see his Curriculum Vitae.


?ANTH 2: Introductory Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 115: Language, Culture and Place
ANTH 252: Political Ecology (Graduate)
ANTH 240C: Research Seminar in Sociocultural Anthropology (Graduate)
ANTH 250: Environmental Anthropology**

**Elective course for IEES