Darby Feldwin
  • Lecturer in Environmental Studies

Math and Science Education, and Green Technology

Faculty in Chemistry Department

  • 805-893-2127
  • PSB North 3649B
John Foran, Professor, IEES Picture
  • Professor

Climate Crisis, Global Climate Justice Movement, and Sustainable Development, and “Building Better Futures” 

Faculty in Sociology Department

Matt Fore, Lecturer
  • Lecturer in Environmental Studies

Waste Management, Conversion Technology, and Waste Characterization.

Environmental Services Manager for the City of Santa Barbara

  • Dehlsen Professor

Environmental sociology.

• Faculty in Environmental Studies

• Ph.D., Yale University

  • Dr. Freudenburg passed away in 2010
  • Assistant Professor
Professor, Dean of the Bren School
  • Professor
  • Dean of the Bren School

Marine Community Ecology, Conservation Biology, Biostatistics, and Fisheries

Faculty in EEMB and the Bren School


  • (805) 893-7363
  • Bren Hall 2410
  • Program Manager / Business Officer
  • Program Management and Budget
  • Systems Access Processor
  • IT/Building Operations & Support
  • Faculty Committees Coordinator
  • Faculty Merits & Promotions Case Manager
  • Lecturer Merits & Promotions Case Manager
  • UC Recruit Administrator
  • Curriculum Plan Coordinator
  • FTE Plan Coordinator
  • UC Path Approver
  • Website Updates
  • Building & Space Administrator



  • (805) 893-7547
  • Bren 4312-C (Floor 4L)
  • (LPSOE) - Lecturer
  • with Potential
  • Security of
  • Employment

Environmental Toxicology, Environmental Chemistry, Air Quality and Pollution

Faculty in Environmental Studies

  • Bren Hall 4017
Quentin Gee, Lecturer, Environmental Studies
  • Lecturer in Environmental Studies and Philosophy

Social and Scientific Analysis of Environmental Issues (Energy, Food Systems, Climate)

Lecturer  in Environmental Studies and Philosophy Departments

  • Bren Hall 4005
  • Associate Professor in the Department of Education
  • Associate Dean for Academics And Faculty Development
Child & Adolescent Development. Disciplinary Minor: Psychology
Dissertation: A new perspective on perspective taking: A study of social perspective taking
and its association with conflict resolution and historical empathy


  • (805) 893-3385
  • Twitter: @HunterGehlbach
  • Gevirtz Graduate School of Education #3113
Bishnupriya Ghosh IEES Picture
  • Professor

Global Media (Literatures, Cinemas, Popular Culture); Postcolonial Theory; Epidemic Media and South Asia Studies

Faculty in English Department

  • (805) 893-3478
  • South Hall 2607A
Valerie Gonzalez, Environmental Studies Program
  • Financial Administrator

Payroll & Kronos Administrator
(Readers, Student Assistants, and Limited Employees)

Financial Area of Responsibility:

  • All Scholarship Awards
  • Recruitment Expenses
  • All Start-Up Funding
  • Schuyler Lecturer Fund
  • Manley Lecture Fund
  • Green Initiative Fund

Gateway Department Buyer
Flexcard Purchaser
UC Path Initiator
Financial Reporting

  • 805-893-3715
  • 805-893-8686 (Fax)
  • Bren 4312 (Floor 4L)
Gregory R. Graves
  • Recall Continuing Lecturer in Environmental Studies Program

Retired in Fall 2018

Recalled to teach his most popular courses for Summer Sessions 2019.

Environmental History, California History 

Lecturer in Environmental Studies and History Departments

  • Assistant Professor

Environment and Society, Infrastructure and Adaptation, Climate Justice Studies

Dr. Hahrie Han
  • Anton Vonk Professor of Environmental Politics

American Politics, Environmental Politics, Political Organizations, Civic and Political Engagement, Politics of Social Policy, Political Behavior

Ph.D., Stanford University, 2005



  • Professor

American Politics, Environmental Politics, Political Organizations, Civic and Political Engagement, Politics of Social Policy, Political Behavior

Faculty in Political Science

  • Professor Emeritus

Human ecology.

• Faculty in Environmental Studies and Biological Sciences Depts.

• Ph.D., Stanford University

  • Dr. Hardin passed away in 2003
Professor of Anthropology; Director, NSF Center for Nanotechnology in Society; Group leader, NSF/EPA UC Center for Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology & Member of PhD Emphasis Affiliate (IEES)
  • Professor

Medical and Psychological Anthropology, Risk and Perception, Social Production of Health and Environmental Inequality, and New Technologies and Society

Faculty in Anthropology Department

  • (805) 893-3350
  • HSSB 2074
EH Cook IEES Picture
  • Associate Professor

Early Modern Studies, Literature and the Environment, and Restoration & 18th Century Literature

Faculty in English Department

  • (805) 893-4622
  • South Hall 2503
  • Assistant Professor
Environmental economics, Ecological economics, Land systems science
Faculty in Environmental Studies
  • Professor

Literature, the Medieval Period, and Environmental Initiatives

Faculty in English Department 

  • (805) 893-7488
  • South Hall 2508
Jeffrey Hoelle
  • Affiliated Associate Professor of Anthropology

Ecological and Economic Anthropology, Cattle Raising and Cowboy Cultures, Latin America, and the Brazilian Amazon

Faculty in Anthropology Department

  • (805) 893-4244
  • HSSB 2073
  • HSSB 2075 (Lab)
Patricia (Trish) A. Holden, Ph.D. P.E., Professor, Bren School of Environmental Science & Management Director, UCSB Natural Reserve System
  • Professor

Soil Microbiology, Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Microbiological Coastal Water Quality

Faculty in Bren School of Environmental Science and Management

  • (805) 893-3195
  • Bren Hall 3508
  • Bren Hall 2318 (Lab)
  • Assistant Professor

Ocean Humanities, Literature and the Environment, Literature Theory, Media Theory and Literature and Technology

Faculty in English Department

  • 805-893-7489
  • South Hall 2704
  • Lecturer

With passion for education, resource efficiency, green building, and business ethics, I am continually seeking ways to progress as a dynamic sustainability professional. I am a self-motivated leader with experience in overseeing corporate initiatives, developing curriculum, researching environmental markets, teaching principles in building operations, and managing a diverse range of projects.