Awards and honors exist to recognize exceptional academic performance and extracurricular activity. They are conferred at all levels of the university system. Each year, at its commencement celebration, the Environmental Studies Program, confers the following student awards and honors in recognition of their achievements. Each year, recipients are listed on the Environmental Studies Commencement Program.  


Environmental Studies Student Awards

The Outstanding Senior Award is given to one or more graduating seniors in recognition of extraordinary academic excellence and demonstration of high level extracurricular service.

The Outstanding Service Award is given to graduating seniors who have demonstrated exemplary environmental service within Environmental Studies and/or the UCSB campus and local community.

The Outstanding Academic Achievement Award is given to graduating seniors have demonstrated exemplary scholastic performance and have received an overall minimum cumulative GPA of 3.75.

The Distinction in the Major Award is given to graduating seniors have completed a senior thesis of exemplary quality and have received an overall minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5.

The Distinguished Senior Thesis Award is presented to a graduating senior in recognition of exceptional undergraduate senior thesis research.  The award is accompanied by a $500 cash prize.


Environmental Studies Student Honors 

Qualified majors are eligible to participate in the Environmental Studies Senior Honors Program. The major component of this program is the completion of the Senior Thesis course (ENV S 197). Students who successfully complete the program and obtain a minimum overall grade-point average set each spring, are eligible to graduate with “Distinction in the Major.”

It is recommended that lower-division students interested in participating in the senior honors program should enroll in the honors discussion sections offered with ENV S 1, 2, and 3. Interested students may obtain additional information regarding the senior honors program from the Environmental Studies Academic Coordinator or Academic Advisor.