Andrea Elickson Andrea Ellickson
Business Officer

• Program Management and Budget Admin.
• Systems and UC Path Access & Processor
• IT/Building Operations & Space Administrator

Bren 4312-C
Alice Bilyk Alice Bilyk
Academic Advisor

Conducts Dept. Academic Advising, including:
• Major Requirements & Class Planning

Bren 4313
Eric Zimmerman Eric Zimmerman
Student Affairs Manager, Advisor, Lecturer

• Academic Advising
• Internship Program Director

Bren 4312-B
Madison Conrad
Student Office Assistant
Nathalie Quintero Nathalie Quintero
Program Assistant & IPEES Coordinator

• Environment and Society PhD Emphasis coordinator & advisor
• Website & Visual Media Manager

Bren 4312
Academic Personnel Coordinator

• UC Recruit Coordinator for Temp. Lecturers
• TA/Associate appointment coordinator

Bren 4314
Vivian Stopple Vivian Stopple
Financial Analyst

Bren 4312
Yvette Howze Yvette Howze
Financial Administrator

• Payroll & Kronos Administration: Readers, Student Assistants, and Limited Employees
• Gateway Department Buyer

Bren 4312