Madison Conrad Photo Madison Conrad
Student Office Assistant

DSP Requests, Textbook Organization, ESCI Administration, Mail Distribution, General Clerical Duties, Marketing Projects
Yvette Howze headshot Yvette Howze
Financial Administrator

 Payroll & Kronos Administration: Readers, Student Assistants, and Limited Employees; Gateway Department Buyer, Flexcard Purchaser, UC Pat

Bren 4312
Andrea Elickson Andrea McCourt
Business Officer

Program Management and Budget, Merits & Promotions Case Manager, Systems and UC Path Approver, Faculty Committees, IT/Building Operations & Space Adm

Bren 4312-C
Michelle Moreno Ocean Photo Michelle Moreno
Academic Personnel Coordinator

TA/Associate appointment coordinator, UC Recruit Coordinator for Temp.

Bren 4311
Program Coordinator

Environment and Society PhD Emphasis coordinator & advisor, Website & Visual Media Manager, Department Supplies & Course Materials Orde

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Tara Robinson Photo Tara Robinson
Academic Advisor

Conducts ES Academic Advising

Bren 4313
Vivian Stopple Vivian Stopple
Financial Analyst

Bren 4312
Eric Zimmerman Eric Zimmerman
Student Affairs Manager, Advisor, Lecturer

• Academic Advising
• Internship Program Director

Bren 4312-B