Name Specialization Contact
Daniel B. Botkin Daniel Botkin
Emeritus Professor

Environmental biology and global ecology

Oliver Chadwick Oliver Chadwick
Emeritus Professor

Soil Sciences, Soil Genesis and Classification, and Advanced Pedology and Geomorphology
David A. Cleveland David Cleveland
Emeritus Professor

Sustainable, Small-scale Agrifood Systems, Plant Breeding, Local and Scientific Knowledge, Climate Change, Nutrition, and Food Sovereignty

Bren 4019
Robert T. Deacon Robert Deacon
Emeritus Professor

Environmental and Resource Economics and Public Economics
Helene Gardner Helene Gardner
Emeritus (LSOE) - Lecturer with Security of Employment

Environmental Toxicology, Environmental Chemistry, Air Quality and Pollution

Bren 4017
Greg Graves Gregory Graves
Continuing Lecturer
Charles Kolstad Charles Kolstad
Emeritus Professor
Manny Kundu Manny Kundu
Lecturer (Summer Sessions)

Anthropology, Global Environment and Population Studies

Bren 4006
Marc McGinnes Marc McGinnes
Rod Nash Roderick Nash
Emeritus Professor
 Jo-Ann Shelton Jo-Ann Shelton
Emeritus Professor

Ethical Issues, Human-Animal Relationships
Susan C. Stonich Susan Stonich
Professor Emeritus
Paul Wack Paul Wack
Senior Continuing Lecturer
Bob Wilkinson Bob Wilkinson
Senior Lecturer Emeritus
Bren 4426