Name Specialization Contact
Alagona, Peter Peter Alagona
Professor & Director of IPEES

Environmental History, Wildlife and Endangered Species

Bren 4013
Camera Shy Yanoula Athanassakis
5105 Cheadle Hall
Benedict, Jason Jason J. Benedict
Assistant Research Specialist

Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Remote sensing, Data Analysis & Visualization 

Bren 4024
Daniel B. Botkin Daniel Botkin
Emeritus Professor

Environmental biology and global ecology

David Brokensha David Brokensha
Emeritus Professor
Brown, Michael Michael Brown
Continuing Lecturer

Sustainability Strategy, Goals, and Metrics, Technical Evaluation of Materials and Products, Program Development, and Sustainability Data Development

Bren Hall 4006
Carrillo, Ian Ian Carrillo
NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Environmental Sociology, Race and ethnicity, Economic sociology, Environmental justice, Comparative–Historical, Work and Organizations, Ethnography, Inequali

Bren 4026
Carlisle, Liz.png Liz Carlisle
Associate Professor

Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems, Regenerative and Organic Agriculture, Food and Agricultural Policy

Bren 4015
Oliver Chadwick Oliver Chadwick
Emeritus Professor

Soil Sciences, Soil Genesis and Classification, and Advanced Pedology and Geomorphology
Chan, Iris Iris Chan
Program Coordinator

IPEES advisor, ES/Bren PhD MOU Liaison, Website & Marketing Coordinator, DSP Accommodations, Course Evaluations, Special Events

Bren 4312
Clark, Jordan.png Jordan Clark

Geochemistry, Hydrologic Sciences, Tracer Hydrology and Environmental Geology

2115 Webb Hall
David A. Cleveland David Cleveland
Emeritus Professor

Sustainable, Small-scale Agrifood Systems, Plant Breeding, Local and Scientific Knowledge, Climate Change, Nutrition, and Food Sovereignty

Bren 4019
Conrad, Madison Madison Conrad
Student Office Assistant

DSP Requests, Textbook Organization, ESCI Administration, Mail Distribution, General Clerical Duties, Marketing Projects

Bren 4312
Cremers, Thea Thea Cremers
Continuing Lecturer

Gender and the Environment, Anthropology, Tourism, Environmental Justice and Human Environmental Rights

Bren 4009
D'Antonio, Carla Carla D'Antonio
Schuyler Professor

Plant ecology, restoration ecology, fire, ecosystems and people

Bren 4002
Damluji, Mona Mona Damluji
Associate Professor

Energy Humanities, Film, Middle East Studies, Media History

SSMS 2415
Robert T. Deacon Robert Deacon
Emeritus Professor

Environmental and Resource Economics and Public Economics
 Deshmukh, Ranjit Ranjit Deshmukh
Associate Professor

Energy systems and policy analysis; electricity sector planning, operations, and markets; geospatial analysis of energy resources; energy access in developin

Bren 4003
Camera Shy Kelsey Dowdy
Dudney, Joan Joan Dudney
Assistant Professor

Global change ecology, forest disturbance, climate change
Feldwinn, Darby Darby Feldwinn
Teaching Professor

Math and Science Education, and Green Technology

Chem 1103
Fontaine, Dan Dan Fontaine

Environmental Education
Foran, John John Foran

Climate Crisis, Global Climate Justice Movement, and Sustainable Development, and “Building Better Futures” 

SSMS 3417
William Freudenburg William Freudenburg
Emeritus Professor & former Dehlsen Professor in Environmental Studies
Froelich, Halley Halley Froehlich
Associate Professor

Marine Ecology, Aquaculture, Fisheries, Climate Change, Ecological Modeling, Data Science, Environmental Physiology and Behavior, So

Bren 4007
Helene Gardner Helene Gardner
Emeritus (LSOE) - Lecturer with Security of Employment

Environmental Toxicology, Environmental Chemistry, Air Quality and Pollution

Bren 4017
Greg Graves Gregory Graves
Continuing Lecturer
Gray, Summer Summer Gray
Associate Professor

Environment and Society, Infrastructure and Adaptation, Climate Justice Studies

Bren 4027
Garrett Hardin Garrett Hardin
Emeritus Professor
Heilmayr, Robert Robert Heilmayr
Associate Professor

Environmental Economics, Ecological Economics, Land Systems Science

Bren 4023
Hiltner, Ken Ken Hiltner

Literature, the Medieval Period, and Environmental Initiatives

South Hall 2508
Hoelle, Jeffrey Jeffrey Hoelle
Associate Professor

Sociocultural Anthropology, Environmental Anthropology, Ethnography, Land Change, Latin America, and the Brazilian Amazon

HSSB 2073
Holzer, Iris Iris Holzer
Assistant Teaching Professor

Environmental Chemistry, Soil Science

Bren 4005
Howze, Yvette Yvette Howze
Financial Administrator

 Payroll & Kronos Administration: Readers, Student Assistants, and Limited Employees; Gateway Department Buyer, Flexcard Purchaser, UC Pat

Bren 4312
Jacobs, Jeremy Jeremy Jacobs

Journalism, Communications, Legal Issues
Kaysen, Brandon Brandon Kaysen

Green Buildings, LEED
Ed Keller Edward Keller
Emeritus Professor
Klemann, Dan Dan Klemann

Environmental impact analysis; local and State land use and planning law; public administration; and political theory
Charles Kolstad Charles Kolstad
Emeritus Professor
Krop, Linda Linda Krop
Continuing Lecturer

Environmental Law, Environmental Policy and Litigation

Bren 4021
Manny Kundu Manny Kundu
Lecturer (Summer Sessions)

Anthropology, Global Environment and Population Studies

Bren 4006
Lewin, Bridget Bridget Lewin
Continuing Lecturer

Environmental Education, Learning Styles, and Instructional Methodologies

Bren 4006
Loaiciga, Hugo Hugo Loaiciga

Planning, Design and Analysis of Water Resources Systems, and Theory and Computational Aspects of Surface and Ground Water Hydrology

Ellison Hall 3626A
Maldonado, Julie Julie Maldonado

Climate Change and Adaptation; Migration, Displacement, and Resettlement; Disaster Recovery and Risk Reduction

Bren 4009
Mel Manalis Mel Manalis
Emeritus Professor
Martin, Jennifer Jennifer Martin
Associate Teaching Professor

Environmental History, Oceans, History of Science

Bren 4011
McCauley, Doug Doug McCauley
Associate Professor

Behavior, Ecosystem Ecology, Marine Biology, Population and Community Ecology

MSRB 2314
McCourt, Andrea Andrea McCourt
Business Officer

Program Management and Budget, Merits & Promotions Case Manager, Systems and UC Path Approver, Faculty Committees, IT/Building Operations & Space Adm

Bren 4312-C
Marc McGinnes Marc McGinnes
Mildenberger, Matto Matto Mildenberger
Associate Professor

Comparative Politics, Environmental Politics, Public Opinion, Methodology

Ellison Hall 3706
Camera Shy Michelle Moreno
Academic Personnel Coordinator

TA/Associate appointment coordinator, UC Recruit Coordinator for Temp.

Bren 4312
Moret, Stephanie Stephanie Moret
Continuing Lecturer

Land Use Impacts on Water Resources, Ecological Connectivity and Sustainable Systems
Murray, Dawn Dawn Murray

Conservation planning, participatory conservation, environmental science, marine ecology/policy, climate science, oceanography, curriculum design
Rod Nash Roderick Nash
Emeritus Professor
Nichols, Amanda Amanda M. Nichols
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Intersectional environmentalism and religious studies , contributions of women to environment-related, or environment-focused, social movements,
Pellow, David David Pellow
Dehlsen Professor

Environmental Justice Studies, Race and Ethnic Studies, Social Change, and Social Movements

Bren 4304
Perrone, Debra Debra Perrone
Associate Professor

Water Resources Engineering, Groundwater Science and Policy

Bren 4025
Pulver, Simone Simone Pulver
Associate Professor & Department Chair

Business and the Environment; Global Environmental Politics; Socio-Environmental Systems; Environmental Sociology

Bren 4001
Pye, Lori Lori Pye

Environmental Conservation, Environmental Ethics, and Ecopsychology

Quintanilla, Olivia Olivia Quintanilla
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Critical island and oceanic studies, climate justice, marine-related environmental justice issues, and understanding how militarism impacts Indigenous life a
Quiros, Wagner Wagner Quiros

Governance, Marine Conservation, Sea Turtle Research, Sustainable Fisheries, Community Base Conservation
Robinson, Tara Tara Robinson
Academic Advisor

Conducts ES Academic Advising

Bren 4313
Schimel, Joshua Joshua Schimel
Professor, Associate Dean of MLPS

Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology, Microbial Ecology, and Organismal Ecology

Noble Hall 1108, Noble Hall 1245 (Lab)
Camera Shy Rafael Schmitt
Assistant Professor
Schmitt, Russell Russell Schmitt

Population and Community Ecology, Applied Ecology, Consumer-resource Interactions, Marine Invertebrates and Reef Fishes

MSRB 3314
Arent H. "Barry" Schuyler Barry Schuyler
Emeritus Lecturer

Energy Policy

Seltmann, Katja Katja Seltmann

Biocollections, Entomology and Hyemenopterology
 Jo-Ann Shelton Jo-Ann Shelton
Emeritus Professor

Ethical Issues, Human-Animal Relationships
Sideris, Lisa Lisa Sideris
Professor & Vice Chair

Environmental Ethics, Religion and Nature, Environmental Humanities, Science and Religion

Bren 4029
Smith, Eric Eric R.A.N. Smith

American Politics, Environmental Politics, Public Opinion and Voting Behavior, Congress, Political Parties
Soleri, Daniela Daniela Soleri

Food Crop Diversity, Knowledge Systems in Agriculture, "Citizen" and Community Science/Participatory Research, and Food Gardens

Bren 4019
Stokes, Leah Leah Stokes
Associate Professor

American Politics, Energy and Environmental Politics, Public Policy, Methodology

Ellison Hall 3716
Stone, David David Stone
Senior Continuing Lecturer

Urban and Environmental Planning, Environmental Impact Statements, NEPA, and CEQA

Bren 4021
Susan C. Stonich Susan Stonich
Professor Emeritus
Stopple, Vivian Vivian Stopple
Financial Analyst

Bren 4312
Stratton, Lisa Lisa Stratton

Ecological Restoration, Plant Physiology, Water Quality and Ecosystem Management

Harder South 1005
Tyler, Claudia Claudia Tyler

Plant Ecology, Ecological Disturbance, and Grassland and Shrublands

Bren 4202
Paul Wack Paul Wack
Senior Continuing Lecturer
Wahlert, Greg Greg Wahlert

Flora of California, Arctostaphylos (Ericaceae), Violaceae, Malvaceae, Flora of Madagascar
Walsh, Casey Casey Walsh

Sociocultural Anthropology, Political Economy, Mexico-United States Borderlines, Water, Commodities, History and Materialism

HSSB 2081
Bob Wilkinson Bob Wilkinson
Senior Lecturer Emeritus
Bren 4426
Williams, Deborah Deborah Williams

Public Lands


Bren 4021
Wu, Grace Grace Wu
Assistant Professor

Sustainable Land Use, Climate Change Mitigation, Renewable Energy Planning, Land Systems Science


Bren 4031
Zimmerman, Eric Eric Zimmerman
Student Affairs Manager, Advisor, Lecturer

Academic Advising, Internship Program Director, Lecturer (ENVS 190 and 192), Curriculum Coordinator and Course Scheduling,

Bren 4312-B
Camera Shy Erika Zollett